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About Jamcracker

Jamcracker is a cloud services management and cloud governance solutions company, with more than a decade of experience providing industry leading software and services. The Jamcracker platform powers the cloud services provisioning, cloud governance, management and operations for enterprise and government organizations, telecom service providers, managed services providers, systems integrators, distributors, value added resellers and technology providers.

Jamcracker helps organizations manage, deliver, and govern their public, private and hybrid multi cloud services in addition to brokering third-party ISV cloud services. Using Jamcracker solutions, IT organizations and service providers can now unify and optimize cloud services delivery for their employees, customers, and channels.

Jamcracker gives the flexibility you need to respond to rapidly changing business requirements. The Jamcracker platform greatly reduces the complexity and cost of multi cloud management and delivery. Moreover, our platform automates cloud governance, cloud cost management, policy controls and operations management.


Management Team

Jamcracker is led by a seasoned executive team with comprehensive cloud, services and other technology experience ranging from incredibly successful entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 leaders. Our collective passion is to enable our global enterprise, government, services and technology customers and partners to adopt and extend new cloud business models. We fundamentally believe that our success stems from your success.

  • K.B. Chandrasekhar

    K. B. Chandrasekhar
    CEO and Chairman

  • Gary Willis

    Gary Willis
    VP, Sales

  • Mahendra Soneji

    Mahendra Soneji
    VP, Product Management

  • Vinay Bhardwaj

    Vinay Bhardwaj
    VP, Engineering

Why Jamcracker

The role of IT is shifting

With the rapid proliferation of public cloud services, companies no longer need to own and operate all of their own cloud assets. They can augment company-owned (private) cloud services with external (public) cloud services, which are easily scalable and are often more cost-effective than internal resources. The role of IT, therefore, is shifting from technology services provider to that of trusted advisor, helping their companies and business units determine the most effective mix of private and public cloud solutions.

Jamcracker delivers reliable, cost-effective cloud management and governance solutions to enterprise and government IT organizations. For more than a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of cloud management and delivery solutions. In fact, many of the world’s largest technology and services providers trust the Jamcracker platform to deliver services to hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide.

The Jamcracker platform enables business and public-sector IT organizations, service providers, technology providers, and IT distributors to unify management and delivery of private and public cloud applications and services and distribute them to their customers, partners, and employees.

Only Jamcracker delivers...

  • A proven cloud aggregation and delivery platform, deployed globally with tier 1 carriers, distributors, and technology providers
  • A rich ecosystem of pre-integrated cloud providers that you can distribute and resell
  • Proven technologies and methodologies for services onboarding, so you can create your own cloud-partner ecosystem
  • Managed services that allow you to go-to-market quickly and cost-effectively
  • A flexible platform, so you can meet rapidly changing market conditions
  • Deep cloud services know-how based on more than ten years of experience

Why Jamcracker for enterprise and government IT?

  • Provides enterprise marketplaces and app stores as centralized resources for users' needs, including private and public cloud services
  • Unifies security, auditing, compliance enforcement, and services discovery
  • Embraces "IT consumerization" and user-driven innovation to better meet business units' objectives and needs

Why Jamcracker for service providers?

  • Helps generate new revenue streams from existing customer relationships by selling subscriptions to third-party services
  • Boosts market share by bundling third-party services with core services
  • Improves your firm's cloud experience, with superior service and security
  • Enables you to increase customer loyalty, stickiness and reduce churn

Why Jamcracker for technology providers?

  • Lets you provide self-service ordering and provisioning for your customers
  • Enables multi-tier, global distribution via new and existing channel partners
  • Automates billing, based on usage or product and service subscriptions
  • Integrates with existing internal services, including ERP, CRM, order management, and others
  • Royalty and payment reconciliation to content providers and channels

Why Jamcracker for IT distributors?

  • Provides one-stop-shop channel fulfillment for traditional license and subscription-based IT needs
  • Helps VARs transition to value-based cloud providers and integrators
  • Increases profit margins and revenue predictability by expanding cloud-based offerings