Cloud Governance: A Fundamental Requirement for Cloud Adoption to Scale


In today's environment, in the move towards hybrid cloud enterprise IT environments, users need to access multiple cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), from multiple cloud service providers. This makes it imperative for enterprise IT to have a robust governance framework to support cloud adoption at scale. Companies that can control and manage complexity, without restricting user access, will be able to use IT as a competitive business advantage, while reducing shadow IT.

The reality is that IT cannot govern what it cannot see, and therefore does not have the ability to control access and usage. But how should IT manage a changing environment such as this? In other words, how can companies provide for comprehensive cloud governance, while taking advantage of cloud business benefits of cost savings, agility, and productivity?

View this recorded webinar "Cloud Governance: A Fundamental Requirement for Cloud Adoption to Scale".

In this recorded webinar, we provided key requirements, insights, recommendations, and an overall framework that can assist IT organizations with the right governance solution that addresses cloud risk management, spend management, and operations management.


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