Telekom Malaysia "Goes Digital" with Jamcracker platform


On August 10th, Telekom Malaysia, Bhd (TM) and its wholly owned subsidiary VADS, launched Malaysia’s very first Cloud Exchange Digital Marketplace to offer digital transformation services to its Small Medium Enterprises (SME), enterprise and government agency customer base. The VADS Marketplace is one of the key strategic drivers for TM Group's transformation journey to Go Digital. It enables Enterprise IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) for large enterprises and public sector customers that require private marketplace for secured Hybrid Cloud IT requirements as well as public marketplace for vertical industry customers such as Healthcare, Education and Retail SMEs.

Launching of a cloud services exchange ecosystem that brings together 80+ ISV sourced and popular public SaaS services including Microsoft O365 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) services and a cloud service brokerage (CSB) technology platform powered by Jamcracker that delivers an enhanced customer experience from instant ordering, delivery, billing to payment settlement of cloud services for customers needing private or public cloud marketplaces, was no easy feat to achieve. Using Jamcracker’s cloud services enablement technology, VADS will now offer its customers a Converged Solution – from Cloud Infrastructure Services, Smart Business Solution Services to fully Managed Services for cloud IT, helping TM customers to embark on their digital transformation journey.
Both VADS and Jamcracker teams worked tirelessly for the past six months to meet aggressive timelines of this major launch and made it a big success by gaining the attention of media, industry pundits and the customers. Congratulations to both VADS and Jamcracker teams for attaining this milestone!  Jamcracker CEO K.B.Chandrasekhar and VADS CEO Massimo Migliulo also addressed a press conference during this launch event held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Checkout official press release from Telekom Malaysia about the launch of VADS marketplace: 
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