Cloud Operating Model

Establish your own value-added multi-cloud ecosystem. Implement cloud-based business models for selling, delivering, and consuming hybrid cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS).

Implementing a Cloud-Based Business and Delivery Model

Build your own value-added ecosystem and implement digital business models for your core products and services. Sell and deliver to your customers, including SMBs, enterprises, and channels.

  • Gain self-service customer provisioning and ordering capabilities.
  • Offer automated sales operations and multi-tiered distribution to channel partners.
  • Achieve billing capabilities that support usage-based and subscription-based pricing.
  • Reconcile royalty payments to third-party content providers and partners.
  • Reduce costs and drive increased revenue to enable subscription/metered products and services.
  • Use flexible processes to rapidly develop, deploy, and deliver cloud services.

Jamcracker helps world-class technology companies support digital business models for automating cloud services delivery, management, and operations by reducing costs and driving increased revenue for subscription/metered products and services. Our platform has built-in best-practices support for the most complex digital business models.

Building Cloud / Application Marketplace(s)

Sell cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS), along with your core services and products, both to your own customers and through your channels. Launch your own branded cloud marketplace quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Get to market quickly with a pre-integrated catalog of high-demand cloud services.
  • Achieve unified third-party services provisioning, billing, single-sign-on, user management, support, and usage.
  • Use established distribution agreements and developed service adapters for a wide array of IT, security, communication, and collaboration business application cloud providers.
  • Access provisioned cloud services more easily, along with governance and control.
  • Reduce complexity via one-stop shopping and single billing for all cloud services consumed through the cloud marketplace.

The Jamcracker cloud services broker solution lets service providers bundle and distribute a broad array of third-party cloud services, along with your own core offerings, providing a unified cloud experience for your customers, whether selling to them directly or through channel partners.

Delivering IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Create, manage, and deliver your own cloud services, along with third-party cloud offerings. As organizations transition to an ITaaS model, they will need to automate how they source, orchestrate, and deliver multi-cloud services.

  • Improve efficiency in building, orchestrating, and deploying composite services.
  • Automate compliance by enforcing security and access-control policies.
  • Allow self-service fulfillment for users, enabling departmental charge-backs for external and internal services.
  • Integrate with internal IT assets and processes.

The Jamcracker ITaaS enablement solution provides a single platform from which IT can create, offer, provision, control access, administer, audit, monitor, support, and report usage data for all cloud-based services consumed by the organization. These services can include private, public, or hybrid clouds, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings.


Implementing a Cloud-Based Business and Delivery Model

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