Cloud Cost Arbitrage

Cloud Cost Comparisons

Jamcracker’s Cloud Cost Comparisons (arbitrage) solution offers the tools to compare various public cloud providers and instantly compare their offerings, in terms of cost. While you select the provider who is best suited to you, based on your selection parameters, the Solution enables you to resell services and monetize wholesale partnerships with the ISVs.

Cloud Cost Comparisons


  • Cloud VM comparison – VMs, typically, are the largest contributors to cloud infrastructure costs. With the help of Jamcracker’s Cost Comparator Tool, users will be able to choose the desired VM configuration and instantly get a cost comparison of offerings from various public providers
  • Enables easy price comparison of Databases, Load Balancers, Storage and other cloud resources
  • Allows addition of selected resources to a Wish List to get the estimated price for the entire stack
  • Enables decision making on the fly, by looking at and comparing estimated cost of Multi-Vendor Cloud stack
  • Consolidates the complete sale under single wholesale partnership and apply margins to make profits by offerings competitive rates

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