Cloud Management

Cloud Analytics, Cloud Governance & Cloud Management for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Analytics

  • Cloud Visibility - Get a instant visibility into the resources that are being used or are idle. Provides consolidated as well as granular view of cloud costs. Provides visibility into your cloud costs across your organization by providing a multi-dimensional view of cloud usage and expenses. It helps you take prompt and efficient decisions about your cloud cost.
  • Cloud Optimization - Enable organizations streamline and optimize the cloud cost data across the organization. Provides consolidated as well as granular view of cloud costs. Offers a comprehensive review of cloud consumption trends that help to understand how resources have been consumed over a period of time
  • Cloud Recommendations - Get instant recommendations for cloud resources to control the cloud cost
Cloud Management - Analytics
Cloud Management - Governance

Cloud Governance

  • Policy Based Governance - Policy framework helps businesses create policies in real time to optimize the use of cloud resources.
  • Financial Governance - Improve financial governance by automating billing, metering, and chargebacks.
  • Compliance Standards - Ensure adherence to audit tracking/license management
  • Access Controls - Manage access privileges and responsibilities across the platform, based on roles defined for users

Cloud Management

  • Multi-cloud Support - Supports the most popular public & private clouds
  • Lifecycle Management - End-to-end life cycle management of various cloud resources. Supports automated provisioning and configuration of virtual machines, workload stacks, block storage, and network interfaces
  • Orchestration and Delivery - On-board, automate, configure, provision, and orchestrate cloud resources, and accelerate service delivery for complex IT tasks.
Cloud Management

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