Jamcracker Cloud Analytics Appliance

Congratulations! If you have come to this page then you have already installed the Jamcracker Analytics Appliance. We are happy that you have joined the Jamcracker community. Welcome aboard!

Jamcracker Cloud Analytics provides visibility into your cloud costs across your organization. By providing a multi-dimensional view of cloud usage and expenses, it helps you take prompt and efficient decisions about your cloud costs. It provides meaningful cloud cost and usage data by projects, departments, products, cloud providers and business units.

Jamcracker Cloud Analytics is an important part of Jamcracker's cloud management product portfolio. It offers interactive dashboards that let you view cloud costs across your organization at various levels. It provides you reliable and actionable cost data so that you can make confident spending decisions. The aggregate cost incurred for all your cloud resources are sliced and diced across multiple dimensions and displayed in a way that aligns your cloud costs with business goals. In addition to the consolidated view, it also displays your cloud usage per segment at a granular level. You can tag your resources and use Tag Analytics to track the cost by projects, departments, products or business units.

You will be up and running in no time and be able to get access to all the above dashboards for your cloud services. Track usage, cost and start controlling your cloud costs! All you need to do now is to request the license, apply it when you receive it, and login with the credentials that will be provided by the automated system. Please fill out the brief details below and we will send you the license and login credentials promptly.

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