Jamcracker Cloud Control Appliance

Congratulations! If you have come to this page then you have already installed the Jamcracker Cloud Control Appliance. We are happy that you have joined the Jamcracker community. Welcome aboard!

Jamcracker Cloud Control provides Multi-cloud Support, Self Service Portal, Lifecycle Management, Policy Based Governance, Cloud Analytics, Role Based Access Control, Showback Reports etc.

Jamcracker Cloud Control integrates the disparate cloud environments and allows you to control your cloud resources with purpose built automation, orchestration, policy enforcement and management tools. With an easy to install and manage virtual appliance, Jamcracker Cloud Control helps IT to rein cloud sprawl while enterprises adopt cloud services across the organization.

You will be up and running in no time and be able to get access to all the features for your cloud services. All you need to do now is to request the license, apply it when you receive it, and login with the credentials that will be provided by the automated system. Please fill out the brief details below and we will send you the license and login credentials promptly.

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