Microsoft Azure Stack Cloud Management

Microsoft Azure Stack Cloud Management

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform offers integration to Microsoft Azure Stack which enables service provision, Azure Stack billing via a variety of billing and chargeback models. The lifecycle management of an entire cloud is offered from a single pane of glass in an aggregate hybrid environment.

Microsoft Azure Stack Cloud Management

Key Supports in Azure Stack Integration

  • Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform supports both connected and disconnected modes of Azure Stack and enables a unified view of the resources in Azure public and azure stack environments.
  • The Multi-tenant architecture of Jamcracker’s platform offers the comfort of visualizing various dashboards and analytics of this hybrid environment be it a resource cost or utilization.
  • Jamcracker Azure Stack integration automates and supports the following aspects:

    • Azure Stack configurations like resource group, availability set, network, storage, etc.
    • Tenant registration.
    • Azure Stack subscription mapping.
    • Azure Stack VM lifecycle management.
    • Azure Stack billing.

  • Analytics dashboards and reports in the platform help monitor usage & cost trends by different metrics.
  • Leverage cloud policies to govern resources and manage cloud spend with real-time alerts.
  • Jamcracker DevOps Framework provides Ansible, PowerShell and other scripts for adding to the growing library of resources.
  • LDAP & SAML Integration, RBAC - Authentication, Authorization & Access Control for users.
  • Marketplace with customizable Storefront for e-commerce.

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