Security Policy

Physical Security

  • All Jamcracker servers hosted in a highly secure facility
  • Layered security implementation enforced at each facility including locking
    mechanism, identification and authentication procedures
  • Visitors and vendors escorted at all times
  • Redundant air conditioning system
  • Intruder alarms and fire system alarms, monitored 24 hours a day
  • Dual zone, dual sensor, gas-based suppression system
  • Floors, racks, and other support systems have seismic reinforcements
  • Redundant power system consists of UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and a high- capacity diesel generator that is wired via an automatic transfer switch

Electronic Security

  • Encrypted passwords
  • Continuous authentication
  • Available encrypted file upload (SSL)
  • Application layer security , including;
    • URL level security
    • All digital certificates signed by a trusted Certifying Authority
    • Public/private key encryption (to be released soon)
    • Layered security implementation enforced to protect various features and functionality of data environment
  • High availability firewall protection
  • Daily backups, including offsite storage
  • Backups stored in a Fire and E.M.P. proof facility
  • Regular third-party security audits


  • Non-Disclosure Agreements signed by all employees and contractors