Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Jamcracker provides a self service solution to simplify the on-boarding and provisioning of UCaaS services for efficiency and greatly reduce the cost. UCaaS solutions for SMEs offer great opportunities for service providers. On this competitive segment, operational excellence is a must for partners in order to provide costs savings while offering the best user experience. Customer onboarding is often a bottleneck due to costs, complexity and delay. The Jamcracker solution will provide Partners the best-in-class self-service ordering and fulfillment portal.

Cisco HCS Solution

The Cisco HCS E-commerce Ordering Portal powered by Jamcracker can enable Service Providers and/or Resellers with:

  • A simplified and automated way for ordering of HCS Services and other Services.
  • Ability to extend their reach downstream to the SMB market.
  • A frictionless self-service selling and service-request by Resellers, Customers and Enterprise users.
  • An ability to support enterprise employees to request and consume various HCS packages and other services.
  • A way to differentiate themselves with the ability to configure unique branding, catalog items, pricing, marketing collaterals etc.
  • A new growth strategy in terms of revenue generation by reaching out to new markets e.g. SMB, Enterprises

Cisco HCS Solution Features

  • Jamcracker enables Service Providers (and/or Resellers) to create their own unique HCS packages and sell to SMB, Mid-tier or Enterprise Customers.
  • On-boarding HCS packages, defining own packages with limited or full HCS functions, Cisco services and/or physical devices to the catalog.
  • On-board Service Provider or third party SaaS, Catalog only or IaaS services (SaaS, IaaS, hardware, & managed services)
  • Enable customers with self-service ordering and single or bulk provisioning to users.
  • Define various pricing and metrics (e.g. term, tiered, by user, license, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.)
  • On-board users with bulk upload or connecting to Active Directory/LDAP.
  • Invoicing, billing and settlement reports.
  • The Portal can be deployed in-house or in the cloud (private or public)
  • Multi language, multi currency support and date formats.
  • Multi-Tier and Multi-Tenant architecture.
  • Applicable as an Enterprise internal service brokerage portal.
  • Supports user management, governance, spend and compliance for employees of HCS packages and other enterprise products and service.

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Unified Communications Enablement (UCaaS)