Managing Cloud Ecosystem for Education and Research Institutions

Cloud Broker - Managing Cloud Ecosystem for Education and Research Institutions

Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage Solution used for - quick, easy, and cost-effective way to deliver Cloud & Education services, solutions, and implementation services around it. Choosing from myriad services and also allowing a user to consume without administrators' intervention is a big plus while consuming cloud services. Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage offers cloud services to education and research institutions through a consumer-based model. The Platform web interface allows meeting the needs of ICT managers, researchers, teachers, and students to access the services provided in a single environment that is secure and easy to access.

Why Jamcracker for Education and Research Institutions?

  • Aggregate education services, commercial services targeting education institutes & universities within SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.
  • Supports most popular clouds to offer IaaS: AWS, Azure CSP, Microsoft CASA, etc.
  • Supports most popular public providers to offer SaaS: Office 365, G-suite, Adobe & other education applications.
  • Secure access to self-service portal and services by integrating with Federated Identity system. Enabling SSO to securely access services from the portal.
  • Enriching sells through partnerships to sell commercial and educational services.
  • Multi-tenant, multi-tiered marketplaces with the local language, content support for members of various academia users (Students, Professors, etc.)
  • Cloud Management Platform (CMP) features such as templatization of IaaS resources, BU or Department level catalogs, governance through policies, approval workflows along with controlled privileges to the users and administrators has augmented the entire CMP capabilities to the next level of service delivery management.

Federated Identity Management

  • Facilitates the management of access to services, as well as resources within the organization.
  • Shibboleth Integration to authenticate and authorize users and provide federated single sign-on capabilities
  • Ability for Intra/inter-organizational collaboration

Cloud Governance & Compliance

  • Configurable workflow with Role-based Access Control
  • Govern Infrastructure resources with custom & inbuilt policies
  • Controlled Stack Templates
  • Authentication, Authorization & Access Control
  • Auditing, Budgets & Chargeback
  • Usage & Cost Analytics Dash Boards, Spend Management

Self Service IT

  • Self-service portal with centralized & department wise catalog
  • On-demand provisioning of Stack Templates and XaaS services
  • Allow self-service fulfillment for users, enabling departmental charge-backs for external and internal services

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