Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance

Jamcracker cloud governance and management platform is intended for use by organizations as they establish cloud computing governance.

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Cloud Governance
  • Manage cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) risk and spend by applying user and service policies that meet compliance needs across the enterprise.
  • For organizations to get the maximum benefits from cloud, having the right governance in processes is crucial.
  • Creates business-driven policies and principles that establish the appropriate degree of investments and control around the life cycle process for cloud computing services.

Scheduled Policies

  • Govern Infrastructure resources with custom & inbuilt policies.
  • Leverage cloud policies to manage cloud spend by real time alerts.
  • Policy based provisioning of Application stacks based on department entitlement.
  • Optimize the size of your cloud deployments by Infrastructure right-sizing, move workloads to cheaper regions or delete cloud resources with non critical data after predetermined periods of time.
  • Handle the failure and recovery of a Virtual Machine seamlessly.

Operations Management

  • Lifecycle management and automation of Cloud operations.
  • Enable DevOps team more autonomy and quicker provisioning of cloud resources as a single unit, consistently and repeatedly across multiple regions.
  • Admins can configure Stack Templates with pre-defined instance size, OS and other parameters.
  • Supports creating and managing IaaS resources easily through Ansible scripts.

LDAP & SAML Integration, RBAC

  • Authentication, Authorization & Access Control for Enterprise users.
  • Create and maintain a single user profile that defines access rights across all services and applications.
  • Synchronizes organizations, users, and associated roles related data from the respective directory servers to simplify the user and services administration in JSDN.
  • Authenticate users logging into JSDN from an external portal using SAML 2.0.
  • Integrated with ADFS for providing authentication and single sign-on (SSO) to applications and services.
  • Manages multiple user roles and privileges across multiple cloud providers.

Auditing, Budgets & Chargeback

  • Supports allocation of budgets to various departments or cost-centers or LOBs.
  • Real time alerts when budgets have exceeded or when they are likely to exceed.
  • Notifications when the predefined threshold amounts are breached.
  • 'Showback’ report to illustrate the cost of cloud usage traced back to the business services supported, thereby facilitating chargeback.
  • Events & transactions audited to ensure compliance.

Resource Tagging

  • Resource tagging provides visibility on the owners responsible for the cloud spend.
  • Tag analytics & reports can be used as the basis of chargeback allocation.
  • Manage cloud resources across multiple clouds with suitable tagging taxonomy.
  • Optimize & control cloud resources with automated processes and policies using tags.

Analytics Dashboards & Reports

  • Gain visibility via a single pane of glass of all cloud resources across multiple clouds.
  • Dashboard with complete inventory of cloud resources per account, thereby identifying Shadow IT.
  • Monitor usage & cost trends by different metrics like products, providers and services.
  • Granular details indicating the consumption by region, OS, type of usage to optimize cloud spend.
  • Exclusive Microsoft EA dashboards to view the cost and consumption by accounts, subscriptions and department.
  • Dashboard displaying the private data centre details to enable planning and tracking of migration projects.
  • Compare cloud costs across multiple providers based on the defined criteria.

Recommendations On Utilization

  • Dashboard providing recommendations to optimize cloud spend related to unused or over-provisioned resources.
  • Review the utilization of cloud resources based on different parameters to get maximum ROI from your cloud.
  • Optimize resource utilization and efficiency of cloud resources by taking actions based on the recommendations.

Department Catalog's & Approval Workflow

  • Build your own cloud services catalogs to leverage the advantages of centralized control, centralized discovery and centralized access.
  • Reduce “Shadow IT” with catalogs pre-configured with cloud apps to ensure that only the corporate approved cloud resources are used by the employees.
  • Department specific catalog to avoid cloud sprawl.
  • Approval workflow for all departmental requests thereby controlling cloud spend.

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