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Cloud Services Management for Telcos & MSPs

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With increased and widespread adoption of Cloud computing, the market is shifting from typical products sales to offering solutions. The new approach of delivering cloud computing solutions has changed the business model for existing channels. Customers are expecting multi-cloud and hybrid cloud managed services capabilities from their service providers. Jamcracker’s service brokerage and cloud management platform provides Telcos and MSPs with the tools required to manage and support customers in their cloud adoption journey.

Why Jamcracker's Cloud Services Management for Telcos & MSPs?

  • Provides a Brokerage platform that enables delivery of cloud services to customers which helps generate new revenue streams from existing customer relationships
  • Boosts market share by bundling cloud solutions with core service offerings and manage services
  • Improves customer loyalty, stickiness and reduces churn

Cloud Commerce

  • Content Management System: Provides support for customizing the cloud store front and allows for continuous innovation for the store front user experience
  • Wholesale services catalog: Allows you to get to market quickly with a core set of well-recognized cloud services offerings. Platform agility brings in speed to build the service catalog as per demand
  • Unified services delivery: Enables provisioning, billing, license management, user management and single-sign-on. Allows providers to create bundles to maximize up-sell and cross-sell potential and usage for third-party services and also for own core services or partners’ offerings
  • Platform for innovation: Provides tremendous flexibility to experiment with new cloud service offerings and service bundles, and help respond rapidly to changing market opportunities
  • Manages the customer life-cycle
  • Provides single aggregated bills and settlement to your customers


  • Automated billing & metering for cloud stacks & application services
  • Provision of a platform billing engine to bill subscription, metered usage, one-time fees, tiers, and other pricing models
  • Availability of online payment options (credit/debit cards ) & offline credit based collection to charge customers and present invoices
  • Ability to configure the billing solution for volume discounts, tier-based increases, and/or thresholds and groupings defined at the product, package, market segment or individual customer level
  • Facilitates integration with external billing systems or ERPs. Export invoice ready data including cost-allocation information to external financial and accounting systems is available
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  • Enabled with Pre-packaged toolkits and APIs for integration with cloud services and existing systems
  • Provided with REST-based APIs and toolkits that enable integration with Identity and Access management solutions (LDAP and Active Directories), financial and billing systems, CRM, ITSM, third party helpdesks and others for back-office needs


  • Pre-integrated with over 40+ Microsoft Cloud Services including O365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Dynamics CRM, Exchange, Sharepoint, One Drive and Skype for businesses
  • Supports the most popular Public and Private clouds such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure CSP, Microsoft Azure Stack, Google Public Cloud & IBM Cloud, Vmware, OpenStack, Huawei OpenStack, Cisco etc.
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Service Provisioning

  • Self-service provisioning of users and services
  • Centralized management and provisioning control
  • Leverage on-premises, cloud, and hybrid directories to enforce identity-based policies throughout the app lifecycle, from initial provisioning to account termination
  • Delegates user and service administration to lower tiers and/or to special Roles


  • Helpdesk console that can be operated in standalone mode or can be integrated with external helpdesk systems
  • Integrated helpdesk ticketing system that can automatically route support tickets to internal support desk, outsourced support center, and/or directly to the cloud provider
  • All support tickets, regardless of routing policy, are centrally tracked within the platform
  • Configurable knowledge base for enabling self-service support

Channel Management

  • Unifies and optimizes cloud services delivery for your channels
  • Offers automated sales operations and multi-tiered distribution to channel partners
  • Provides Royalty and payment reconciliation to content providers and channels
  • Enables generation of Settlement reports for reconciliation with ISV invoices


  • Real-time IaaS resource dashboard
  • Executive Dashboards/cost trends
  • Cost analytics by departments/projects/products, etc.
  • Tag analytics Dashboard
  • EA dashboard to analyze cost, based on departments, accounts and subscriptions
  • Admin Dashboard that has a consolidated view of direct and channel sales
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Campaign Management

  • Supports rate-plans, promotions, discounts and differential pricing for different levels
  • Term Promotions
  • Trial Promotions

Multi Tenancy

  • Offers flexibility and scalability with a multi-tiered, multi-tenant architecture


CSB Standard

A purpose built appliance for that automates order management, provisioning, billing, and support for Microsoft Office 365 and public IaaS services.

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CSB for Service Providers

Jamcracker’s flagship Cloud Services Brokerage solution for Service Providers including telcos, managed services providers and solutions integrators to offer cloud brokerage services.

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