Cloud Cost Analytics

Cloud Cost Analytics

Comprehensive Cloud Cost Analytics across multiple cloud environments, and granular drill down into each of the cost elements are imperative for tight cost control and management.

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Rich cloud analytics tools can save up to 70% of cloud resource cost by giving cloud administrators visibility into optimal placement, utilization and right sizing of the cloud. The Jamcracker Cloud Governance and Management Platform offers valuable analytics to holistically manage cloud costs across your organization. These analytics offer live cloud consumption intelligence including cost associated with each of the cloud resources, usage of these resources and any missed opportunities for cloud cost optimization across cloud providers.

Cloud Cost Analytics

Features of Jamcracker's Cloud Cost Analytics

Real Time Dashboard

  • Real time inventory of the IaaS resources from various cloud providers
  • Real-time data of VMs and associated resources like public IP, volumes, snapshots, images, etc.
  • Real-time data of public IPs not in use, available volumes, stopped instances, etc. that help reduce your cloud cost


  • Holistic recommendations to optimize the cloud cost
  • Identifies and recommends instances and databases that appear to be underutilized
  • Security recommendations to help in cloud security
  • Recommendations related to Public IP, Snapshots, ELB, Volumes and more

Executive Dashboard

  • Tracks key cloud trends such as costs and resources in order to help DevOps, IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, and Finance departments to oversee all of the cloud costs centrally
  • Provides information such as overall cloud cost trend, trend by provider, cost by services, cost by storage type, cost by resources, etc.

Cost Analytics

  • The cost analytics dashboard provides visibility into consumption of resources, given that up to 70% of the cloud cost can be optimized through better utilization
  • Provides key informations such as cost trend for each product as well as the forecast, cost and count by VM type, cost and count by region, cost by OS, etc.

Tag Analytics

  • Provides Tag-based cost allocation details to analyze and associate costs with specific categories (e.g. department, project, cost centre) so as to provide detailed cost visibility and to ensure governance
  • Provides information such as resource cost or count by tags, tag cost trend, VM count or cost by tags, un-tagged resources cost, and product cost by tags

Microsoft EA Dashboard

  • Gives visibility into the cost aggregated, based on Departments or Accounts or Subscriptions for a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
  • Provides information such as cost by subscriptions, cost by departments, cost by account, etc.


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