Digital Marketplace: One-Stop Shop Solutions for Digital Business Services

Digital Marketplace: One-Stop Shop Solutions for Digital Business Services

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Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace is a comprehensive cloud and digital services broker, services management and governance platform, which includes services provisioning, policy management, cost management, and operations management.

We have transformed our traditional business model through adoption of digital technologies and creating an online platform where buyers and sellers can connect seamlessly. Our partners can effortlessly broaden their reach, streamline operations, and offer a diverse range of digital products and cloud services.

Jamcrackers transition to the digital marketplace nurtures innovation, scalability and agility. Through this evolution, our partners can better respond to market demands, stay competitive, and unlock new opportunities in the rapidly advancing digital landscape.

Digital Marketplace can serve as an B2B Online marketplace for your customers as a one-stop destination to procure, discover, manage and bill a wide array of cloud-based and non-cloud services, applications, and resources.

Digital Marketplace Platform

Solutions Offered by Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace

One-Stop Digital & Cloud Brokerage Solution

We offer a white labelled marketplace for Telcos, Hardware and IT service manufacturers and resellers, Distributors, Cloud Resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), System Integrators (SI’s), Solution and consulting partners and more.

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One-Stop Digital & Cloud Management Solution

For SMEs and SMBs with enterprise features like IAM & IdP, Departments, Projects, Cost centres, Profit centres, Budget, Catalogue, Role Based Access, governance using our policy framework, generate Chargeback, Show back and a ton of other features.

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One-Stop Sales & Marketing Solution

Our solution not only facilitates the core act of selling but also integrates advanced strategies for upselling and cross-selling cloud and non-cloud solutions and enhancing revenue opportunities, with user friendly interface and robust sales and marketing solution.

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One-Stop Analytics and Reporting Solution

We offer a centralized analytics hub to gather, analyse, and derive actionable insights from data generated within the digital ecosystem. Jamcracker's Analytics and Reporting Solution not only simplifies the complexities of data analysis but also enables data-driven decision-making. By consolidating diverse data sources, businesses can track key performance indicators, assess the success of various services, and make informed strategic decisions, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness in the digital marketplace.

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One-Stop Billing and Charging Solution

Our robust billing engine streamlines and simplifies the often-complex process of billing within the digital marketplace ecosystem. With our solution, businesses can centralize their billing operations, consolidating various transactions seamlessly. This includes a range of services such as cloud services, managed services, and digital services. By offering a centralized and integrated billing solution, Jamcrackers Digital Marketplace enhances operational efficiency, reduces complexities, and provides businesses with a holistic tool to manage financial transactions.

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One-Stop Integration across Enterprise Systems

Jamcracker's integration framework, acts as a unifying layer, connecting disparate enterprise systems to create a cohesive ecosystem. Through well-documented APIs, businesses can easily link their Salesforce CRM for customer management, integrate external catalogues for any product/service offerings, and incorporate Exchange rate engines for real-time currency conversions. The platform seamlessly interacts with ServiceNow and Remedy ITSM, for a holistic approach to handling incidents, changes, and configurations.

The framework seamlessly integrates with prominent Payment gateways, ensuring secure and efficient financial transactions.

The Billing engine within Jamcracker’s marketplace not only consolidates usage data but also transforms it into billing-ready information. This billing-ready data can be integrated into ERP systems like SAP, streamlining financial processes. Our integration framework remains adaptable and responsive to the ever-changing needs.

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