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Empower your organization to transform its business and IT operations models by deploying a Cloud Service Broker solution.


Manage cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) risk and spend by applying user and service policies that meet compliance needs across the enterprise.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

Accelerate go-to-market strategy with an end-to-end cloud services broker and management solution. Why Leading Direct and Indirect Microsoft CSP Partners Choose Jamcracker for their Business?


Manage public and private cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and VMware with an end-to-end cloud management solution.


Jamcracker Platform – Unifies Cloud Management and Governance

The Jamcracker Platform is a comprehensive cloud services broker, cloud services management and cloud governance platform, including cloud services provisioning, policy management, cloud cost management, and operations management. Jamcracker enables organizations to create, deliver, and manage multi cloud services and implement a cloud-enabled business model for offering, delivering, supporting and billing for multi cloud services. The Platform offers flexibility and scalability, with a multi-tiered, multi-tenant architecture, RESTful APIs and integration frameworks while supporting localization in terms of multiple currencies, languages and timezones. Jamcracker enables partners including telecom service providers, managed services providers, system integrators, distributors, technology and value added resellers to unify, deliver and manage SaaS, PaaS and public or private IaaS cloud services for the end customers including enterprise, mid-market, SMB and government organizations.

Roles-based Access Controls

Roles-based Access Controls

Manage access privileges and responsibilities across the platform, based on roles defined for users. More on Roles-based Access Controls

Billing and Payment Engine

Billing and Payment Engine

Automate your entire order-to-cash on-demand billing to monetize, account for, and charge for cloud services. More on Billing and Payment Engine

App and User Provisioning & Administration

App and User Provisioning & Administration

Enable users to access the self-service catalog to order any on-boarded apps and get them automatically provisioned for use. More on App and User Provisioning & Administration

Roles-Based Access Controls

The Jamcracker Platform allows enterprises to control user access rights across the platform via profiles that manage multiple user roles and privileges across applications and private and public clouds. The platform also manages multiple service-specific roles for users through a single view, thereby reducing the complexity of managing users’ roles and privileges across the platform.

  • Roles-based access control enhances security, by providing a low-cost, efficient way to restrict access to various functions of the platform.
  • Roles can be assigned privileges for access rights to various sections across the platform, and they can be defined at the marketplace and store levels for complete administrative flexibility.
  • Roles-based access control provides granular control of access to functionality based on user roles and privileges; roles can be inherited from external directories and databases or defined within the platform.
Jamcracker Roles-Based Access Controls

Billing and Payment Engine

The Jamcracker billing and payment system lets you monetize your process, integrate with critical applications, and account and charge for cloud services used. Utilization can be billed based on subscription or usage. The Jamcracker rating engine tallies rates and tariff information from the offer configuration and then generates invoices. The billing functionality reconciles payments against invoices and triggers collection processes when applicable. It can also interface with various payment channels in real time.

  • Run the billing engine in stand-alone mode or integrate with external billing systems to support subscription metered usage, one-time fees, tiers, and other pricing models.
  • Charge via credit/debit cards and invoices, and export data—including cost-allocation information—to external financial and accounting systems.
  • For enterprise IT, run charge-back/show-back reports manually or automatically to help with cost allocation across departments or business units.
  • Integrate the platform with Amazon, Rackspace, VMware, and OpenStack to receive real-time billing data, consolidated for reporting, auditing, optimization, chargeback, and other needs.
  • Integrate the platform with one or more external tax engines to obtain tax rates and amounts dynamically—or define the tax information in the platform.
  • Configure the billing solution for volume discounts, tier-based increases, and/or thresholds and groupings you define at the product, package, market segment or individual customer level.
Jamcracker Billing and Payment Engine

Application and User Provisioning and Administration

The Jamcracker platform provides self-service provisioning of users and apps (services). Users can access the self-service catalog and order any on-boarded service; the platform automatically provisions the application or service and then sends an email notification.

Jamcracker manages users' identities, providing them with timely access to applications and data. The platform streamlines account setup and deactivation, synchronizing of user attributes with directories, and self-service access requests for on-premise apps and cloud services.

  • Save on IT costs with self-service apps provisioning.
  • Deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Track app licenses efficiently: bought vs. consumed.
  • Enable rapid user provisioning and de-provisioning.
  • Centralize management and provisioning control.
  • Leverage on-premises, cloud, and hybrid directories to enforce identity-based policies throughout the app lifecycle, from initial provisioning to account termination.
  • Delegate user and service administration to lower tiers and/or special Roles.
Jamcracker Application and User Provisioning and Administration
Identity and Policy Management

Identity and Policy Management

Proactively manage and govern cloud services using a policy framework. More on Identity and Policy Management

Budgeting and Spend Management

Budgeting and Spend Management

Manage cloud costs with budget controls while tracking multi-cloud spending at the resource level. More on Budgeting and Spend Management

Services Catalog Management

Services Catalog Management

Consolidate cloud services for on-boarding, discovery, ordering, provisioning, billing, security, and reporting. More on Services Catalog Management

Identity and Policy Management

Identity and policy management is easy to define, but difficult to enforce. Systems evolve, users come and go, and existing users’ privileges change as their jobs change. Without automated identity policy enforcement, violations can go undetected for months or years, leading to significant security risk.

Jamcracker's automated solutions enforce access policy proactively and detect existing violations in your environment. Business and IT managers can quickly and easily define access policies, using a point-and-click interface.

  • External directory and database integration: Integrate with existing LDAP directories (e.g. AD, ADFS, and RedHat directory) as the identity provider and/or databases for user authentication and authorization, while supporting integration with external authorization services.
  • Single sign-on: Users log-in to the dashboard to access all services with a single set of user credentials.
  • Enterprises can manage and govern their cloud services using the Jamcracker Platform's policy framework.
  • Rules can be defined to manage critical business processes and automate tasks.
  • Jamcracker supports policy creation for managing and monitoring compute products, and facilitates capacity/resource planning.
  • Jamcracker also supports policy creation for users, service provisioning, SLAs, security related policies, billing/chargeback policies, etc.
Jamcracker Identity and Policy Management

Budgeting and Spend Management

The Jamcracker Platform provides governance and spend management for cloud services by letting IT track every expense from beginning to end, including IT costing, chargeback, and showback.

The Jamcracker spend management system provides visibility into cloud usage vs. budget. It provides a granular view of cloud usage for each provisioned workload, allowing users to view usage data via interactive graphs. Users can analyze current usage data and even visualize projected cloud services spend for a specific timeframe, and compare it with budgeted amounts for departments, LOBs, etc.

Jamcracker's cost-tracking capability uses current and historical usage data to estimate future trends. The budgeting system can set usage thresholds and send alerts when the thresholds are exceeded.

  • Allow flexible cloud services budgeting and track utilization.
  • Receive notifications when budgets are likely to be exceeded and prevent further usage (administrators can be empowered to override cutoff).
  • Generate utilization show-back reports.
  • Integrate with financial systems for additional governance.
  • Generate a consolidated single bill or chargeback statement, using the show-back and utilization data provided by the spend management system.
Jamcracker Budgeting and Spend Management

Services Catalog Management

The Jamcracker platform offers a multi-tiered content management system-based catalog, providing the flexibility to onboard and aggregate wide-ranging cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) and the ability to customize the layout of the marketplace.

Services catalog management lets enterprises and service providers showcase services offered by your IT department or display in one place all of your products and services. It also allows you to promote your offerings, with easy navigation that encourages customers to access the self-service catalog.

  • Define, create, and publish IT services and service bundles. You can show a service description, image, marketing collateral, and cost with each service, and end users can choose from this list when submitting their Web-based service requests.
  • Publish content for various services and associated offers, including both internally hosted services and those sourced directly from cloud providers.
  • Define service costs and pricing, such as vendors’ wholesale costs or internally hosted services’ cost allocations, reseller transfer costs, or other cost allocations—e.g., by business unit and retail pricing or internal user cost allocations—while supporting subscription, metered usage, one-time fee, and other pricing models.
  • Allow users to compare, order, manage, access, and track usage of compute, storage, load balancing, firewall, networking, and migration of workloads services from a single catalog, from multiple cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware, CloudStack, and Rackspace Cloud.
  • Standardize how services are ordered and delivered, and reduce unnecessary and time-wasting processes.
Jamcracker Services Catalog Management
Extensible Reporting Framework

Extensible Reporting Framework

Design customized reports to retrieve only the data you need for your analysis. More on Extensible Reporting Framework

Monitoring and Dashboards

Monitoring and Dashboards

Get visibility and easily monitor, analyze, and manage your company's cloud services utilization and health. More on Monitoring and Dashboards

Orchestration and Delivery

Orchestration and Delivery

On-board, automate, configure, provision, and orchestrate cloud resources, and accelerate service delivery for complex IT tasks. More on Orchestration and Delivery

Extensible Reporting Framework

JSDN reporting framework provides comprehensive solution for all forms of reporting needs. The framework comprises of two types of reports. A set of standard reports which are shipped with the product and other which empowers customers to create their own custom reports as per their business needs. The framework allows customers to build, generate, save, edit and delete reports. With the “Data level RBAC” mechanism, sensitive data will be hidden by providing better security for the report data, based on user role. The Framework has the capability to offline large reports and notifies respective users to download the report without impacting system performance.


  • Empower Customers
    • Ability to build, generate, save own reports.
    • Build once and share the report templates to multiple users.
  • Centralized Reporting Data
    • Abstraction and consolidation of reporting data from heterogeneous live data sources.
  • Security
    • Isolate and secure live business data at reporting layer with "read only" access.
    • Ability to encrypt or mask sensitive data rendered to reports.
    • Audit report usage patterns and data accessed.
    • Ability to track reports created, modified, viewed, deleted with report data accessed.
    • Control data accessed by “Data Level RBAC” to hide data rendered to reports.
  • Integration and Flexibility
    • Simplify data access for external integration such as billing, budget feeds etc.
    • Easy integration with 3rd party reporting tools like Tableau, Pentaho, Jasper, SiSense etc.
    • Flexibility to configure large reports for email notification to download and view offline.
Jamcracker Extensible Reporting Framework

Monitoring and Dashboard

One of the major challenges of managing cloud resources is identifying and resolving cloud infrastructure performance issues. IT needs to monitor resources continuously and identify and resolve these issues promptly.

The Jamcracker Platform helps identify problems before they arise, by allowing virtual machines to be monitored continuously. It captures information such as CPU and RAM utilization, physical memory usage, network bandwidth I/O utilization, disk I/O utilization, and more. The platform also includes graphics and dashboards that allow complete visibility and control over performance, availability, and capacity utilization.

  • Dashboards provide visibility into the organization's cloud usage and allow users to view usage data via configurable widgets that display granular views of the data for every provisioned workload.
  • Users can analyze current usage and even visualize the projected IaaS spend for a specific timeframe, while the multi-level cost-tracking capability provides current and historical usage data to estimate future cost trends.
  • Monitoring information supports root-cause analysis, bringing controlling and preventative maintenance capability of cloud resources.
  • Alarms/notifications can be auto-generated for predefined usage thresholds and monitoring parameters.
  • Supports seamless integration with other monitoring applications.
  • Notifications are rules-based and can be configured/customized.
Jamcracker Monitoring and Dashboard

Cloud Orchestration and Delivery

If you have numerous IaaS cloud services to deliver to your customers, you need a provisioning and orchestration framework that can support multiple clouds and transform your IT department into a self-service organization that can automate, configure, and provision cloud resources from any cloud with just a few clicks.

Jamcracker's IaaS orchestration and delivery automates the deployment and management of infrastructure services and applications across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Enterprises can deliver infrastructure services faster, by managing resource usage, availability, scalability, performance, and more.

  • Orchestrate multi-cloud infrastructure services, such as compute, storage, load balancers, firewall, networking, etc.
  • Simplify, automate, and optimize service deployment by accelerating delivery of cloud capabilities across various environments and infrastructures.
  • Manage virtual-machine sprawl, using policy-based tools to automate high-scale provisioning and de-provisioning of resources.
  • Achieve greater efficiency, control, and scalability, by designing, launching, and managing cloud workloads (AppStacks) through a single drag-and-drop GUI.
  • Provide users with load balancing, firewall, networking, autoscaling, cloudbursting, snapshot, backup/restore, and disaster recovery services.
  • Track cloud services usage from various cloud providers; perform analytics on the usage data; and use the data to generate show-back/charge-back information based on usage by departments, BUs, LOBs, and agencies.
Jamcracker Cloud Orchestration and Delivery

About Jamcracker

Jamcracker is a cloud services management and cloud governance solutions company, with more than a decade of experience providing industry leading software and services. The Jamcracker platform powers the cloud services provisioning, cloud governance, management and operations for enterprise and government organizations, telecom service providers, managed services providers, systems integrators, distributors, value added resellers and technology providers.

Jamcracker helps organizations manage, deliver, and govern their public, private and hybrid multi cloud services in addition to brokering third-party ISV cloud services. Using Jamcracker solutions, IT organizations and service providers can now unify and optimize cloud services delivery for their employees, customers, and channels.

Jamcracker gives the flexibility you need to respond to rapidly changing business requirements. The Jamcracker platform greatly reduces the complexity and cost of multi cloud management and delivery. Moreover, our platform automates cloud governance, cloud cost management, policy controls and operations management.


Management Team

Jamcracker is led by a seasoned executive team with comprehensive cloud, services and other technology experience ranging from incredibly successful entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 leaders. Our collective passion is to enable our global enterprise, government, services and technology customers and partners to adopt and extend new cloud business models. We fundamentally believe that our success stems from your success.

  • K.B. Chandrasekhar

    K. B. Chandrasekhar
    CEO and Chairman

  • Gary Willis

    Gary Willis
    VP, Sales

  • Mahendra Soneji

    Mahendra Soneji
    VP, Product Management

  • Vinay Bhardwaj

    Vinay Bhardwaj
    VP, Engineering

  • Ash Bhalgat

    Ash Bhalgat
    VP, Product Marketing

Why Jamcracker

The role of IT is shifting

With the rapid proliferation of public cloud services, companies no longer need to own and operate all of their own cloud assets. They can augment company-owned (private) cloud services with external (public) cloud services, which are easily scalable and are often more cost-effective than internal resources. The role of IT, therefore, is shifting from technology services provider to that of trusted advisor, helping their companies and business units determine the most effective mix of private and public cloud solutions.

Jamcracker delivers reliable, cost-effective cloud management and governance solutions to enterprise and government IT organizations. For more than a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of cloud management and delivery solutions. In fact, many of the world’s largest technology and services providers trust the Jamcracker platform to deliver services to hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide.

The Jamcracker platform enables business and public-sector IT organizations, service providers, technology providers, and IT distributors to unify management and delivery of private and public cloud applications and services and distribute them to their customers, partners, and employees.

Only Jamcracker delivers...

  • A proven cloud aggregation and delivery platform, deployed globally with tier 1 carriers, distributors, and technology providers
  • A rich ecosystem of pre-integrated cloud providers that you can distribute and resell
  • Proven technologies and methodologies for services onboarding, so you can create your own cloud-partner ecosystem
  • Managed services that allow you to go-to-market quickly and cost-effectively
  • A flexible platform, so you can meet rapidly changing market conditions
  • Deep cloud services know-how based on more than ten years of experience

Why Jamcracker for enterprise and government IT?

  • Provides enterprise marketplaces and app stores as centralized resources for users' needs, including private and public cloud services
  • Unifies security, auditing, compliance enforcement, and services discovery
  • Embraces "IT consumerization" and user-driven innovation to better meet business units' objectives and needs

Why Jamcracker for service providers?

  • Helps generate new revenue streams from existing customer relationships by selling subscriptions to third-party services
  • Boosts market share by bundling third-party services with core services
  • Improves your firm's cloud experience, with superior service and security
  • Enables you to increase customer loyalty, stickiness and reduce churn

Why Jamcracker for technology providers?

  • Lets you provide self-service ordering and provisioning for your customers
  • Enables multi-tier, global distribution via new and existing channel partners
  • Automates billing, based on usage or product and service subscriptions
  • Integrates with existing internal services, including ERP, CRM, order management, and others
  • Royalty and payment reconciliation to content providers and channels

Why Jamcracker for IT distributors?

  • Provides one-stop-shop channel fulfillment for traditional license and subscription-based IT needs
  • Helps VARs transition to value-based cloud providers and integrators
  • Increases profit margins and revenue predictability by expanding cloud-based offerings

Become a Jamcracker Partner

Jamcracker is a cloud management and governance solutions company with global reach. We have relationships with partners worldwide, who work closely with global companies to help them refine and implement their cloud services strategies.

We created the Jamcracker Partner Program to help drive new business opportunities, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions to our shared markets. We help our partners enhance their cloud services offerings, generate new revenue streams, and become more profitable.

Cloud Providers

Cloud Providers

Extend the reach of your cloud services distribution and... More on Cloud Providers

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

The Jamcracker Partner Program is designed to support... More on Technology Partners

System Integrators

System Integrators

Take full advantage of Jamcracker’s solutions while... More on System Integrators

Cloud Providers

Extend the reach of your cloud services distribution and grow revenues. Jamcracker offers a variety of pre-integrated, distribution-ready cloud services via the Jamcracker Platform. These services are an important component of the Jamcracker enablement solution and value proposition.

  • MangoApps
  • OfficeDesktop
  • HyperOffice
  • WORKetc
  • MailGinger
  • LinkTiger
  • Leadzer
  • Clarizen
  • Workforce Guardian
  • Payroll City
  • Yendo
  • Averiware
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM
  • LeadMaster
  • iView
  • BigContacts
  • InfoPreserve
  • CakeMail
  • Mondago Go Integrator
  • InGenius
  • Google Apps
  • icomplete
  • HRMantra
  • Maximizer CRM
  • ZOHO Projects
  • Melbourne IT
  • Blackberry® Wireless Messaging for Exchange.
  • Skoot
  • Excendia
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • GoMeetNow
  • Zimbra
  • Global Relay technology
  • MXSweep
  • DataMotion SecureMail
  • WebEx Web Meetings
  • WebEx WebOffice
  • Microsoft® SharePoint
  • SPIDYR Phone for BroadWorks
  • Presence Wallboard
  • Mobiso Speech Assistant
  • The MobileMax Enterprise Edition Mobile Client
  • PhoneTag
  • FonGeni
  • Hostopia
  • Live Documents
  • Zoho Meeting
  • DeskAway
  • Wolf
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition
  • TrackVia
  • DMsuite
  • IBM SmartCloud Enterprise
  • IBM Tivoli®
  • VMware
  • Rackspace
  • Mountain
  • iYogi
  • Global Mentoring
  • SAManage
  • Kaseya
  • LogMeIn
  • Google email security service
  • InterGuard
  • Panda Cloud Office Protection
  • Alertsec
  • SiteLock
  • Websense
  • Trend Micro
  • Blue Coat
  • Asigra Online Server Backup
  • US DataVault
  • Mozy
  • IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup
  • BackupAgent


The world's most advanced Social Collaboration Network for your company

There are many phones but only iPhone provides the integrated experience that makes it a joy to use. There are many social software solutions, but only MangoApps provides the complete social software experience. With its amazing feature-set, rock-solid security and easy-to-use interfaces, MangoApps is years ahead of any other software solution in the market.


Messaging and Collaboration for Smart Businesses

Whether you are a Telco, ISP, VAR, Managed Services Provider, or an IT Consultant, OfficeDesktop lets you profitably provide your business customers a full-featured collaboration and messaging solution of significantly greater value than similar offerings.


Collaboration Made Simple

HyperOffice brings the simplest-in-market "out of the box" online tools which cover everything modern mobile workers and small businesses need to be productive on a daily basis, and work better in their network of teams, customers and partners.


Get your entire business online and running smoothly with WORKetc

WORKetc combines CRM, Projects, Billing, Timesheets and more with a powerful automation engine to help take your small business to the next level. WORKetc is a powerful online management system that integrates CRM and automates business workflows, to increase day-to-day business efficiency and productivity.


Online Email Marketing

MailGinger is a high-performance online email marketing solution. It allows you to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns and get valuable statistical data in a few simple clicks.


Hunt down your broken links now with LinkTiger

LinkTiger will hunt your websites for broken links every day and notify you with rich reports. LinkTiger is a powerful cloud-enabled solution that ensures your critical web presence is functioning properly.


Website Search Engine Optimzation Made Easy

Leadzer is a do-it-yourself online lead generation solution that supercharges websites of small companies and local businesses by driving high-quality organic visits. No technical or online marketing knowledge is required to use the tool. There is an instant setup in just three easy steps.


Clarizen - Online Project Management Software

Clarizen's project software solution helps you manage distributed project teams. No expertise is required because Clarizen is a comprehensive system that is intuitively usable by everyone.

Workforce Guardian

HR and Employment Relations Management in the Cloud

Workforce Guardian is Australia's leading online employment relations service for small and medium businesses. As a simple, cost effective online employment relations subscription service it provides all the tools employers need to manage employees in compliance with current Australian Employment Law.

Payroll City

Everything you need in one simple, reliable package

Payroll City provides full-service, comprehensive payroll processing throughout the United States for any business type and size. Services are based around proprietary software exclusively developed to handle a wide range of business needs.


Yendo Accounts - online accounting for small business

Yendo Accounts is online accounting for small business that provides everything you need to manage your finances including invoicing, expenses, payments and budgeting. Yendo also works on your iPhone, Blackberry or Internet enabled smartphone, allowing you to stay in control while on the move.


Integrated Business Management Solution

Averiware is a fully integrated business management solution designed for small and mid-sized companies. Averiware includes Salesforce Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resource Management (HR), Financial Management (FM) and Accounting in a single integrated suite.

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

Rich, Flexible and Powerful CRM

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM encompasses all the best practices of CRM, with all the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality you’d expect from Microsoft. It’s a solution that works the way you do, the way your business does, and the way technology should.


The Lead Management, CRM and SFA Solution

LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to sales, marketing and call center teams through its web-based solutions. LeadMaster's online application closes the loop between marketing and sales by tracking leads in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure.


iView – Powered by Vidyo (Managed Personal Telepresence Services)

iView, Powered by Vidyo, is a personal telepresence service that enables business-quality face-to-face video collaboration right from your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet – anywhere, anytime.


Affordable Web Based CRM that makes it easy to manage Prospects & Customers

BigContacts helps you organize your business, convert more prospects to customers, and keep more of your existing customers. A unique contact dashboard makes it easy to view & manage all of the notes & history for a given contact - all from a single screen! Mobile access from any PC, Mac, Mobile Phone, or Tablet.


Document Management and Records Management solutions don’t have to be complex and expensive.

InfoPreserve gives you a Searchable, Secure & Simple way to get control of the digital files that are critical to your business.


Email Marketing for Small Business

CakeMail email marketing software is used by thousands of small & medium business to send billions of marketing emails.

Mondago Go Integrator

Mondago Go Integrator

Go Integrator provides out of the box integration between your telephone system and a variety of CRM Packages like NetSuite, MS Access, MS CRM, Sage, Lotus Notes and others. Users leveraging the power of Go Integrator access a full suite of services including: application dialing, previewing (showing the caller's details in a discreet window), popping the caller's details, and more.


InGenius CRM-VoIP Integrations

InGenius, the leader in CRM-VoIP integrations, develops applications that seamlessly integrate customers’ telephone operations directly with their CRM environment. InGenius CRM-VoIP Integrations tie your phone system directly into your CRM business processes. Click on a number in a contact record and have your phone automatically dial the number, have a CRM contact record open on an incoming call, or have all phone calls captured within the CRM.

Google Apps

Discover a better way of working

Google Apps provides everything your business needs, and the tools your employees want. Focus on building your business with secure, straightforward, cost effective productivity tools. Familiar tools that help people work the way they want—from anywhere, with anyone, and on any device.


The World’s Simplest CRM contact management for small business

icomplete has been designed specifically for the needs of small business and teams who just want a simple but effective way to track communications with their customers, clients or partners. If you have a small business, with a handful of employees and growing customer database, then icomplete is for you.


Powerful HR & Payroll Software

To succeed in today’s era, your entire business will depend on recruiting, retaining and motivating the right leader. HRMantra helps you in the same. HRMantra manages staffing, induction, HRIS, attendance, leave, payroll, training, appraisals i.e. all such HRMS activities from candidate entry till employee exit.

Maximizer CRM

CRM for your Mobile Workforce

Maximizer CRM is simple and quick to use and manage. It provides multiple access options for today's mobile workforce and offers the best value in its class for full-featured CRM software.

ZOHO Projects

Project Planning Software

Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of project. Often we ignore a project plan in favor of getting on with the work. We fail to realize the value of a project plan in saving time, money and resources.


Build, Maintain & Strengthen your Customer Relationships

Traditionally Enterprise CRM is associated with large companies and large teams needing a very high level of interdependency. Large teams need to have a process in place which will help companies manage their sales, marketing, inventory, etc in a smooth fashion.

Melbourne IT

Domain Names and Web Hosting for Small Businesses.

Melbourne IT helps organizations of all sizes to successfully do business online. Our complete portfolio of Internet-based technology services drives business effectiveness and profitability for more than 350,000 customers around the world. Melbourne IT offerings include Internet domain name services, web hosting, online brand protection and promotion, video content delivery, managed IT services and more.

Blackberry® Wireless Messaging for Exchange.

With Blackberry Wireless Messaging for Exchange, your Blackberry® device is synchronized with Microsoft® Hosted Exchange with Outlook. This allows your Blackberry® device to stay synchronized in real time with your Exchange mailbox.


Skoot allows you to create your own private collaboration cloud.

Skoot is the easiest, most secure way to share files of any size and format over the Internet. Skoot acts as a bridging technology, connecting your organization to your partners, vendors, and stakeholders, ad hoc and immediately.


Safer Mobility and Smarter Telephony.

Excendia provides safe, hands-free voice access to your office communication tools – your telephone, your e-mails, contacts and calendar. There are many important reasons why using the Excendia virtual assistant services in your day-to-day activities makes sense.

Microsoft Exchange

The World’s Leading Email & Collaboration Platform.

Get all of the capabilities of Exchange – e-mail, calendaring, contacts, and task management – without the expense and hassle of purchasing and maintaining it yourself. Microsoft Exchange is by far the most popular enterprise email and collaboration platform, used by millions worldwide for Email, Calendars, Contacts, Task Management and more.


High Performance Web Conferencing and Webinar Capabilities for PC & Mac Users.

GoMeetNow is a premier web-based conferencing solution that meets the needs of any organization by bringing together employees, vendors and customers in a collaborative space. GoMeetNow does not require attendees to download any software or require operator intervention, and works across Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops.


Zimbra Cloud offers Enterprise-class Features at a Low Price. VMware Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting end users to the information and activity in their personal clouds.

Global Relay technology

Email Archiving Service. Email Archiving powered by Global Relay technology, an industry leader in compliance archiving and monitoring. Today, retention and management of records for email and messaging for regulatory compliance has become essential.


MXSweep Internet Security & Compliance Services.

MXSweep is a global provider of SaaS Internet Security & Compliance services including email security, content control, disaster recovery, encryption and archiving; as well as web and mobile security; for SME, corporate and public sector customers.

DataMotion SecureMail

Easy to use service for compliance, collaboration, and cost-cutting.

DataMotion SecureMail brings your sensitive messages into compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI through easy to use, track-able, military-grade encryption. It works with Outlook, is intuitive for senders and recipients, and can be up and running in minutes with no outside IT support.

WebEx Web Meetings

Collaborate and share in a whole new way.

WebEx Web Meetings, accelerates every aspect of your business and improves your interactions with team members, employees, customers and partners. Share documents, make presentations, and collaborate with people across town and around the world.

WebEx WebOffice

Collaboration Suite from WebEx.

WebEx WebOffice is the award-winning collaboration suite that uses the power of the web to make it easy for everyone to work together – from anywhere in the world. WebOffice brings together powerful, professional web-based business applications specifically designed to make collaboration easy and cost-effective.

Microsoft® SharePoint

The #1 Technology For Organizational Teamwork.

Microsoft® SharePoint allows teams to create web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. It serves as a platform for portal development, team workspaces, e-mail, presence awareness, and web-based conferencing.

SPIDYR Phone for BroadWorks

Allowing users to place calls directly from a web portal, the SPIDYR Phone is a web-based and browser-independent calling application built on the latest flash, SIP and multimedia technologies. Delivering unparalleled high availability and scalability, SPIDYR Phone incorporates advanced features such as voice and video calls, conferencing, IM and presence capabilities.

Presence Wallboard

Enjoy better communication and teamwork with co-workers. Presence Wallboard provides a full screen display of user availability, agent availability or user/agent message waiting indication. Presence Wallboard connects with BroadSoft's communications platform to deliver user and agent telephony presence information or message waiting indication in an easy-to-read format.

Mobiso Speech Assistant

Speech Enabled Auto Attendant.

The Mobiso Speech Assistant is a speech enabled auto attendant (SEAA) solution that utilizes Lyrix’s patent-winning PeopleFind technology to fundamentally change the way your business communicates. The proven highly accurate Speech Assistant lets your customers reach your employees quickly and effortlessly without the frustration of traditional ‘dial by name’ lookup.

The MobileMax Enterprise Edition Mobile Client

MobileMax is the world leader of Mobile UC and FMC applications to the telecommunications industry and is a key player in the Unified Communication (UC) arena. The MobileMax Enterprise Edition Mobile Client is a mobile software application that extends the functionality of a BroadSoft powered hosted solution to the mobile device. With MobileMax, mobile phone users can now access the same features they use on their desk phone on their mobile phone.


Voice to Text Conversion - Read your Voicemail.

PhoneTag automatically converts voicemail into text and delivers it directly to mobile phones, BlackBerrys, GoodLink enabled phones and/or email accounts allowing users to read their voicemail. Save time and money by instantly seeing who called and read what they said; whether sitting in a business meeting or traveling on the road. Voicemail functionality won’t change; it can still be listened to and stored for later use.


Virtual Receptionist retrieves customer information to present "intelligent" services or products.

FonGenies Caller ID 2.0 provides real-time business intelligence and analytics on all incoming calls, such as who is calling, where they are calling from, their reason for the call, what menus have been listened to and engaged, their specific call history and behavior - all before your phone actually rings.


Domains. Websites. Email. Ecommerce. Social. Mobile.

Hostopia is the world leader in private label web services. When the biggest brands in the world offer their customers web services – we’re the back end that makes it all work smoothly. Our proven turnkey solutions win awards, generate revenue, and make our clients and their customers very happy.

Live Documents

What is Live Documents?

Live Documents is a web-enabled, collaborative office productivity suite that merges the richness and responsiveness of desktop software with the collaborative capabilities and reach of browser-based services. With Live Documents, you can create, edit, share, control and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Zoho Meeting

Smarter web conferencing solution for your business.

Get started with online meetings, start sharing your desktop to anyone, anywhere at any time. Zoho Meeting is an online application with which you can share, collaborate, troubleshoot, demonstrate, and do much more.


Feel good about staying on top of your work each day.

DeskAway is a smart web-based project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work. It is an online service, so, there is nothing to download or install on any computer. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.


Develop Enterprise-class Database applications with personalized User Experience.

Wolf is a 100% AJAX & XML based Web Application Designing & Development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for creating mashable and interoperable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Applications on the internet. It is a quick, easy, flexible and cost effective way of building business solutions on the Internet.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Amazon EC2's simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction.

Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition

The Private Cloud for Enterprise Data Centers.

Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (Eucalyptus EE) enables customers to implement private cloud computing using Eucalyptus, the most popular open source private cloud software, with purpose-built solutions that extend its functionality.


TrackVia provides you the platform to build your own business solution.

Need to solve an immediate business problem? Is it a unique problem that can't be solved with an off-the-shelf product? Don't have the time to wait for IT to build an application? TrackVia is a radical departure from the way applications were developed in the past.


Data Masking Protects your Sensitive Information in the Cloud.

Bullet-proof your sensitive information by securing your customer or company data with DMsuite Express data masking -- no programming required!

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

IBM infrastructure as a service.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise—IBM’s enterprise-class public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)—delivers secure and scalable hosted IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources. Well suited for development and test activities, as well as other dynamic workloads, SmartCloud Enterprise goes beyond competitive IaaS offerings with highly flexible services and IBM’s proven best-in-class security.

IBM Tivoli®

Automate requesting, deployment, monitoring and management of cloud services.

IBM Tivoli® Service Automation Manager enables users to request, deploy, monitor and manage cloud computing services. It also provides traceable approvals and processes.


Centralized Control and Visibility at Every Level.

VMware vCenter Server is the simplest, most efficient way to manage VMware vSphere, whether you have ten VMs or tens of thousands of VMs. It provides unified management of all the hosts and VMs in your datacenter from a single console with an aggregate performance monitoring of clusters, hosts and VMs.


Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds Powered by OpenStack.

Rackspace Cloud enables you to create Linux or Windows Servers within minutes. With Cloud Servers™ you get what you want when you need it. Make a new server for staging and four new servers for production. Delete one, create three more. You only pay for what you use.


Data Backup and Recovery Services.

Iron Mountain’s Data Backup and Recovery Solution provides organizations with a robust suite of capabilities, including offsite tape vaulting, cloud storage, and data restoration services. Smart solutions for anytime access to your vital business information, preparing for disasters and unexpected failures, managing costs of protecting increasing data.


Great Tech Support is only a phone call away.

The increasing dependency of technology at home and the growing usage of multiple computers and devices require regular technical support. iYogi brings a new opportunity for service providers to provide technical support services, extending their relationship as the enabler to their digital lifestyle.

Global Mentoring

Live Expert Workstation Management and Support services.

Global Mentoring provides Live Expert Workstation Management and Support services that will make your customers’ computer experience everything they hoped it would be.


SAManage IT Management Suite.

SAManage provides on-demand IT Asset Management and Help Desk software that makes it easy to track computer and software inventory, detect risks and compliance gaps, and improve customer service levels.


Remote Support Has Never Been Easier.

Kaseya IT Workbench provides instant remote support to both customers and employees. This secure, SaaS delivered, solution will help you diagnose, troubleshoot, and remediate issues remotely from anywhere in the world.


Work from Anywhere.

LogMeIn Pro gives you fast, easy remote computer access from your devices over the web in high definition (HD). Transfer files, print remotely, or keep machines up to date from any computer or your mobile device.

Encrypt, archive, recover and secure email communications and files to protect business productivity and proprietary data. encrypts, archives, recovers and secures organizations' email communications and files to protect business productivity and proprietary data. More than 11 million end users at 55,000 organizations spanning 102 countries rely on services to protect them from online threats and other content management challenges, leaving them free to focus on their business without interruption.

Google email security service

Block spam and viruses before they hit your network.

Google email security service, powered by Postini, helps keep your email free from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats. Google email security is a hosted solution that blocks spam and other threats well before they reach your enterprise. Unlike legacy products, it requires no hardware or software to install and maintain, thus greatly reducing your IT resource requirements and costs.


Increase Productivity & Prevent Costly Data Leaks with InterGuard

InterGuard is an ultra light desktop agent managed through the cloud that delivers 360 degree protection from the entire range of employee-based internal threats. InterGuard increases company productivity, prevents against employee theft and data leakage, eliminates inappropriate online activities, and enforces all computer use and data protection policies, as well as protecting you from the damage caused when a computer is lost or stolen.

Panda Cloud Office Protection

Panda Cloud Office Protection is a security solution for PCs and servers delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This prevents companies from having to invest in additional hardware and maintenance personnel while achieving high-level security—even in remote offices—with minimum resource consumption.


Full Disk Encryption - as a Cloud Service

Alertsec offers Full Disk Encryption (FDE) as a Cloud Service. Alertsec provides protection for all information stored on laptops in an easy, convenient and cost-effective way. By using industry leading Check Point Full Disk Encryption software, Alertsec has created a web based encryption service that radically simplifies deployment and management of laptop encryption.


SiteLock Protects your Website.

SiteLock is a comprehensive website security solution for online businesses. Delivered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, online businesses can proactively protect their website with SiteLock's deep 360-degree site scan to detect threats before they have a chance to cause severe problems.


Essential Information Protection.

Over 89% of unwanted emails contain links, often to malicious sites. This makes email an open door to data theft. Many of the biggest security compromises start with attacks that blend email and web vulnerabilities. Websense Cloud Email Security solutions shut that door by providing unmatched protection against modern targeted and blended attacks with one of the highest levels of protection for inbound and outbound email security risks.

Trend Micro

Enterprise-quality protection for small businesses.

Worry-Free Business Security Services is a management server-free security solution for small businesses with 250 or less endpoints that require Enterprise-quality protection.

Powered by the Trend Micro™Smart Protection Network™ and delivered as a hosted security service, Worry-Free Business Security Services safeguards your devices with the latest threat information. It’s the same industry-leading protection that millions of enterprises, small businesses, and consumers worldwide rely upon.

Blue Coat

All the power of Blue Coat security from a cloud-based service.

The Blue Coat Cloud Service is a flexible security service that can be managed and deployed from anywhere in the world. The service can be seamlessly deployed within an existing security infrastructure and can scale to support new user requirements. A desktop agent ensures that remote and mobile workers are automatically protected regardless of their location. Blue Coat's cloud service is Ideal for organizations who want easily scalable, on-demand protection without on-premise hardware or software updates.

Asigra Online Server Backup

Asigra Televaulting uses an agent-less solution as a backup/restore software delivery platform. It enables an Enterprise/Service Provider to deliver secondary storage (that is, backup, but not mirroring or replication) services to a customer.

US DataVault

How much would it cost your company if it lost all of its data?

US DataVault's offsite backup solution is simply the best in the industry. We redundantly backup to 2 different, carrier grade data centers across the country and have the best prices with the most features available ANYWHERE using your internet connection.


Online backup for businesses.

Mozy provides affordable, easy-to-use backup for multi-user and server environments. As a business professional, you know the importance of keeping your company data, financial records, and administrative materials safe. Mozy, the trusted leader in online backup, saves your business time and money with simple, secure, and affordable backup solutions for computers and servers.

IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup

Protect your data with a cost-effective, managed backup solution.

With exponential data growth and increasing regulatory requirements, you want to protect your data and applications at reduced costs. You need a solution that helps you quickly back up, restore and maintain access to critical data. IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup is a cloud-based service that enables security-rich, managed protection of critical data.


Backup-as-a-Service: Robust Online Backup for SoHo and SME

With BackupAgent, you can backup data from a desktop, laptop or server to a central datacenter. BackupAgent protects businesses against hardware crashes, drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters.


Technology Partners

The Jamcracker Partner Program is designed to support both leading and emerging software, services, and technology companies that offer technologies and tools that complement Jamcracker solutions.

By becoming a Jamcracker technology partner, your company can combine its strengths with ours, to offer customers a more comprehensive range of solutions. The program is designed to offer the following benefits to our joint customers:

  • Shared technical information between Jamcracker, program participants, and customers
  • Easier access to your company and product information
  • Access to developer tools and resources for a total solution to business needs
  • Highly compatible joint solutions
  • OpenStack
  • Citrix Ready
  • VMware
  • IBM
  • BMC Software
  • Juniper Networks
  • Dell Boomi
  • Intel


The Jamcracker Platform includes native support for OpenStack as part of its cloud management and orchestration capabilities.

Citrix Ready

The Citrix Ready program makes it easy for customers to identify complementary products and solutions that can enhance Citrix environments. Customers can be confident that the Jamcracker Platform has successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix, and can be trusted to work effectively with Citrix CloudPlatform in order to enable enterprise, service providers and IT organizations to offer IT as a Service (ITaaS). ITaaS enables IT organizations to act as agile service providers, focusing on meeting the needs and outcomes required by lines of businesses (LOB) and other internal IT customers.


VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era. Jamcracker's Platform is integrated with VMware and other IaaS/virtualization providers, enabling IT organizations to consolidate the provisioning, management, billing, security and policy enforcement for Dev/Ops users and unify the delivery and life-cycle for application services and end-user consumers.


IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform (CSP2) is a carrier grade cloud offering that contains enhancements over the base ISDM solution to provide a multi-tenancy environment that allows both internal and external users to exist on the same cloud and management platforms. IBM's new CSP2 platform provides cloud services such as desktop management to influence the cloud based business strategy of communications service providers

  • WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications. Rapidly deliver cloud integration projects in days and achieve higher return on investment in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud models. Leverage reusable process templates and use a “configuration, not coding” approach to solve the entire lifecycle of your cloud integration.

BMC Software

Business runs better when IT runs at its best. That's why more than 20,000 IT organizations – from the Global 100 to the smallest businesses – in over 120 countries rely on BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) to manage their business services and applications across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. With the leading business service management platform, cloud management, and the industry’s broadest choice of IT management solutions, BMC helps customers cut costs, reduce risk and achieve business objectives.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is in the business of network innovation. From devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud providers, Juniper Networks delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking.

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi, a business unit of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), is the first and only integration solution built in the cloud, to fully exploit the value of the cloud. Organizations of all sizes—from small businesses to the largest global enterprises—trust Dell Boomi to quickly connect any combination of cloud and on-premise applications. Leading SaaS players and enterprise customers such as, NetSuite, Taleo, oneworld, AAA, and NASDAQ rely on Dell Boomi to accelerate time to market, increase sales, and eliminate the headaches associated with integration.


The Nordic Edge One Time Password Server from Intel secures access to applications and systems with strong, multi-factor mobile authentication. The product line includes the innovative Pledge mobile client, leading the industry’s migration from traditional OTP hardware tokens to highly convenient and low cost mobile-based soft tokens.


System Integrators

Take full advantage of Jamcracker’s solutions while maximizing revenue and reducing cloud management costs. Our system integrator and consultant partners provide best practices and consulting resources. These specialists have expertise in Jamcracker cloud services management and delivery across multiple industries, to help our customers identify and deploy industry best practices using the Jamcracker Platform.

  • CGI
  • CommVerge Solutions
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • MindTree
  • KGS
  • IBM
  • Wipro Technologies


CGI partners with U.S. defense, civilian and intelligence agencies to support their mission-essential needs at every stage of the program, product and business lifecycle. As the world’s sixth largest independent information technology and business services provider, CGI’s portfolio of services is customizable to meet the unique needs of federal clients. CGI’s extensive capabilities for government clients include, advanced engineering, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data exchange & analytics, data center consolidation, health IT, identity management & biometrics, operational logistics, intelligence services, systems engineering and training.

CommVerge Solutions

CommVerge Solutions is a unique carrier-class services company and one of the leading integrators of technology and business solutions, offering superior professional services and network solutions to carriers and service providers in the telecommunications industry throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata is a leader in the global marketplace and among the top 10 technology firms in the world. Tata's continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day. Building on more than 40 years of experience, we add real value to global organizations through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service. The TCS full services portfolio combines traditional IT and remote infrastructure services with knowledge-based services such as consulting and business process outsourcing.


MindTree Ltd. is a global IT and product engineering services company with deep knowledge in specific domains. MindTree is acknowledged as the best mid-size software services company for its capability to build, test and deploy solutions as much as emphasis on culture, customer centricity, and corporate governance.


KGS is an innovative technology and professional services provider, specializing in information technology solutions and comprehensive mission and business support services.


International Business Machines Corporation provides information technology (IT) products and services worldwide. The company operates in five segments: Global Technology Services, Global Business Services, Software, Systems and Technology, and Global Financing.

Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies, the global IT business of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) is a leading Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company, that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro Technologies delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of "Business through Technology" – helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses.


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