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Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace

Unifies Cloud Management and Governance

Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace is a comprehensive cloud and digital services broker, services management and governance platform, which includes services provisioning, policy management, cost management, and operations management.

The Marketplace enables organizations to create, deliver, and manage multi cloud and digital services and implement a cloud-enabled business model for offering, delivering, supporting and billing for multi cloud and digital services. The Marketplace offers flexibility and scalability, with a multi-tiered, multi-tenant architecture, RESTful APIs and integration frameworks while supporting localization in terms of multiple currencies, languages and time zones. Jamcracker enables partners including telecom service providers, managed services providers, system integrators, distributors, technology and value added resellers to unify, deliver and manage Digital services, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS public or private cloud services and XaaS where anything as a service can be sold to end customers including Enterprise, Mid-market, SMB and Government organizations.

Digital Marketplace Features

Services Catalog Management

Consolidate cloud services for on-boarding, discovery, ordering, provisioning, billing, security, and reporting. More on Services Catalog Management

Orchestration and Delivery

On-board, automate, configure, provision, and orchestrate cloud resources, and accelerate service delivery for complex IT tasks. More on Orchestration and Delivery

App and User Provisioning & Administration

Enable users to access the self-service catalog to order any on-boarded apps and get them automatically provisioned for use. More on App and User Provisioning & Administration

DevOps Framework

Accelerate the IT Automation by automating cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, orchestration etc. More on DevOps Framework

Migration Planner

Jamcracker cloud governance and management platform helps to identify, analyze, plan and track cloud migration. More on Migration Planner

Monitoring and Dashboards

Get visibility and easily monitor, analyze, and manage your company's cloud services utilization and health. More on Monitoring and Dashboards

Identity and Policy Management

Proactively manage and govern cloud services using a policy framework. More on Identity and Policy Management

Budgeting and Spend Management

Manage cloud costs with budget controls while tracking multi-cloud spending at the resource level. More on Budgeting and Spend Management

Billing and Payment Engine

Automate your entire order-to-cash on-demand billing to monetize, account for, and charge for cloud services. More on Billing and Payment Engine

Cloud Cost Arbitrage Management

Jamcracker Cloud Cost Arbitrage offers tool to compare various public cloud providers and get a cost comparison of their offerings instantly. More on Cloud Cost Arbitrage

Roles-based Access Controls

Manage access privileges and responsibilities across the platform, based on roles defined for users. More on Roles-based Access Controls

Extensible Reporting Framework

Design customized reports to retrieve only the data you need for your analysis. More on Extensible Reporting Framework


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