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Huawei Cloud - The Fast Growing Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Provider integration with Jamcracker Cloud Service Broker and Management Platform

Jamcracker integrates with Huawei Cloud IaaS services and their customers are using Jamcracker Cloud Service Broker and Management Platform to manage and monetize cloud services.

Enterprises & GSIs are benefiting with fully automated integration to implement Cloud Governance use cases like cloud cost visibility, cloud automation, and Lifecycle management. Service providers such as Telcos, MSP, Cloud Managed Service Providers, and Resellers can also leverage integration for automated billing to their customers along with Cloud Governance features.

Benefits of Jamcracker Huawei Cloud Integration

  • Account Setup – For customers, new account can be created automatically and if customers wanting to use their exiting account, Jamcracker allows mapping their cloud credentials currently in use.
  • Resource Orchestration, Provisioning & Lifecycle Management – Automation of the following key resources.
    • Virtual Machines
    • Object Storage
    • Database
    • Network
    • Load Balancers
    • DNS
  • Billing & Chargeback – Provisioned resources can be billed based on the usage of the customers by service providers. Enterprises IT can chargeback to the departments or projects.
  • Resource Import – Automation allows users to import their resource information to Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform seamlessly. This helps to have a centralized view and manage all resources from a single pane of glass.
  • Cloud Governance & Dashboard
    • Resources Tagging
    • Policy-based event automation.
    • Inventory Dashboard
    • Cost Analytics Dashboard
    • Recommendations Dashboard
  • Reporting

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Huawei Cloud Management

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