Azure Cloud Service Management

Azure Cloud Service Management

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform integration with Microsoft Azure offers various Azure Service Management APIs including ARM, CREST and GRAPH, enabling channel partners and enterprise IT brokers to readily offer holistic managed Azure offerings. Jamcracker provides full visibility and control of public cloud resources, visibility of cloud costs, governance, monitoring, secure access, audit and provide a single bill and settlement.

Azure Cloud Management

Manage Azure Better with Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform

  • Azure Cloud cost management by providing real-time visibility of Azure Cloud usage and utilization.
  • Enables Azure Cloud Governance through the use of governance tools which include details of usage analytics data and ready reports depicting Azure orders, billing, and usage details.
  • Jamcracker's billing engine provides an accurate billing data from Azure cloud services and generates a consolidated Azure cloud usage invoice.
  • Reconcile aggregate Azure cloud usage with Azure cloud services billed by Microsoft through Azure settlement report.
  • Jamcracker's DevOps Automation helps in accelerating the IT automation by automating cloud provisioning, Azure configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and several other IT necessities. It provides an easy and efficient way to run necessary scripts and launch relevant resources on Azure.
  • Helps maximize Azure cloud revenue opportunities by quickly creating customized price plans for different customers.
  • Jamcracker's platform enables customers to purchase a variety of Azure cloud services in just a few clicks.

Supported Ecosystem of Microsoft Relationships

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform provides end to end automation for variety of Microsoft relationships. Following are supported by standard product.

  • Microsoft Azure CSP Direct (Tier-1) Reseller
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Indirect Reseller
  • Microsoft Azure CSP Indirect Cloud Solution Provider
  • Microsoft Azure PayG (Pay As You Go)
  • Microsoft Azure EA (Enterprise Agreement)
  • Microsoft CASA

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Azure Cloud Management

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