VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director

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In the dynamic visualization of cloud infrastructure, organizations demand agile and efficient solutions to meet the evolving needs of their business. VMware vCloud Director (vCD) is a robust cloud computing platform designed to empower organizations with unparalleled resource pooling capabilities.

Today, enterprises demand agile and efficient solutions to meet the evolving needs of their business. VMware vCloud Director (vCD) along with Jamcracker’s Digital Marketplace helps in providing a robust cloud computing platform designed to empower enterprises with unparalleled resource pooling capabilities.

Jamcracker VMware vCloud Director Integration

  1. Partner and Tenant Onboarding
  2. The Marketplace comes with a simple form for linking the ‘Provider VDC’ account, facilitating an easy initiation process. You can create or map existing organization VDC’s for your customers on the platform following a simple ordering process.

  3. Multi-Tenancy
  4. The Marketplace helps in creating or mapping multi-tenancy by provisioning each customer, department, project or cost centre with their dedicated Virtual Data Center (VDC), ensuring autonomy without compromising security.

  5. Multi-Cloud
  6. The Marketplace comes with prebuilt integration with private clouds like vCenter, vCloud Director and prominent Hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure and Azure Stack), Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Huawei Cloud and many more.

    As a cloud solution provider or as an Enterprise offer vCloud Director along with other offerings from the Hyperscalers to your customers or Departments.

    The Marketplace Provides a seamless ecosystem by integrating with VMware technologies like vSphere and vCenter Server to maximize the benefits of your virtualized infrastructure, ensuring a cohesive and efficient environment.

  7. Self-Service Portal
  8. The Marketplace is a unified self-service portals to enable end-users and administrators to Provision, Orchestrate, Manage, and Monitor virtual resources, reducing dependency on IT staff and promoting agility

  9. Resources Management
  10. The Marketplace provides capabilities to perform day 1 operations, like start, stop, terminate, perform SSH, RDP, upsize or downsize the resource and more.

    For advance operations the marketplace provides ability to perform Single Sign-On (SSO) to the vCD console and manage the resources.

  11. Analytics and Reporting
  12. The Marketplaces Analytics and Reporting features to gain insights into resource usage trends, enabling proactive decision-making and optimization of your virtualized environment. Platform has pre-built integrations of monitoring tools like Zabbix and Asset management tools like ServiceNow, Remedy etc.

  13. Billing and Charge Back
  14. The Marketplace tracks and charges for the usage of resources like virtual machines, storage, network, bandwidth and other resources within the vCloud environment, it takes into consideration the metered data of the cloud resource consumption and the rate card which can be defined based on the resource pricing plan and charge type.

    The Marketplace generates invoices/bills or reports detailing resource consumption and associated costs. This information is useful for both providers and users.

    Transform your organization's IT infrastructure with vCloud Director—where resource pooling meets efficiency. Empower your teams, enhance agility, and optimize resource utilization for a future-ready business.

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VMware vCloud Director

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