VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director

Jamcracker helps bring your cloud service to the market rapidly. It possesses the industry’s most feature-rich automation and integration with VMware’s vCloud Director and VMware vCenter. The Jamcracker Platform simplifies VMware cloud automation which helps resellers to create a service catalog, set billing models (fixed or usage) and sell resources. The platform enhances VMware cloud management and automation by making it simpler for customers to buy resources from the service catalog, get a detailed granular invoice and to manage the resources.

Benefits of Jamcracker VMware vCloud Director Integration

For Resellers:

  1. Jamcracker Platform makes it incredibly easy to set up vCD provider's account and in-turn to sell the resources.
  2. Define prices for every resource and bill the customers through the platform.
  3. It empowers your business by proving you a flexible platform to configure VMware vCloud director billing model.
  4. Resources are charged upfront at a fixed price to secure payment or keeping into consideration the customer's convenience at the core, the resources can be charged based on the usage.

For Customers:

  1. Browse through the catalogs, select the AppStack, choose the configuration like CPU, RAM, Storage, Network, IP and launch the AppStack.
  2. Automated provisioning and configuration of virtual machines
  3. End-to-end lifecycle management of resources
  4. Consolidated invoice with granular level information on the cost.

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VMware vCloud Director

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