Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Jamracker's managed cloud services enables MSPs with the tools required to support customers in their cloud adoption journey. The Jamcracker platform enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by creating a delivery and governance platform to deliver cloud services to customers which in turn helps generate new revenue streams from existing customer relationships. This also enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to become a solution provider by bundling together cloud solutions with core service offerings and management of cloud services.

Cloud Managed Services

Grow Your Business

  • Create managed service offers with 24x7 support, monitoring, patch management and deployment to create superior upsell and cross sell opportunities coupled with increasing profitability and margin expansion
  • Provide a comprehensive solution that enables you to deliver over 40 Microsoft Cloud Services and popular public and private clouds across your customers' business units and development teams
  • Bundle additional public or private cloud services options such as Azure, VMware and OpenStack as well as pre-integrated SaaS services including Office 365, to become a one stop shop for your customers cloud management needs
  • Offer multi-cloud infrastructure services to customers, enabling cloud analytics, governance, spend management, and consolidated billing, amongst scores of other capabilities

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Comprehensive cloud cost analytics solution enables you to holistically manage cloud costs to help customers control their cloud costs
  • Cloud analytics offering live cloud consumption intelligence including cost associated with each of the cloud resources, usage of these resources and any missed opportunities for cloud cost optimization across cloud providers
  • Save cloud resource cost by giving the cloud administrator visibility into optimal placement, utilization and right sizing of the cloud
  • Holistic recommendations to reduce cloud cost

Offer Self Service Provisioning

  • Empower your customers and cloud users self-service provisioning of cloud services
  • Centralize management and provisioning control
  • Leverage on-premises, cloud, and hybrid directories to enforce identity-based policies throughout the app lifecycle, from initial provisioning to account termination
  • Delegate user and service administration to lower tiers and/or special Roles

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