G Suite Management

G Suite provides a package of services that can be used by all varied businesses. Business organizations can make use of G suite as a packaged edition which consists of Basic, Business, and Enterprise. G Suite can also be availed by Educational institutions under G Suite for Education program. G Suite for Education is packaged as G Suite for Education, G Suite Enterprise for Education. While G Suite user management for Education is free, G Suite Enterprise for Education is a paid version and only available under a partner program.

G Suite Management

G Suite Management in Jamcracker Platform

Jamcracker Platform offers the following G Suite editions in its catalog:

  • G Suite Business
  • G Suite Enterprise
  • G Suite for Education
Businesses/Institutions that have a G-Suite subscription under one of the above-mentioned edition have the ability to map the details of their G-Suite account through the Jamcracker Platform.

G Suite User Management and SSO with Jamcracker Platform:

  • New users can avail a G suite account with the help of Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform.
  • Existing users available on G Suite application can be mapped for user management in the platform.
  • Provides the ability to remove existing users from using the G Suite services using the Jamcracker Portal.
  • All users created and assigned with G Suite service will have the ability to SSO to G Suite application.

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G Suite

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