Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform enables Microsoft CSP partners to roll out a wide range of Office 365 services to their customers. The platform will do the heavy lifting of integrating and managing the complete lifecycle of Office 365 services that includes everything from order to cash.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 in Jamcracker Platform

For Microsoft CSP Partners

  • Direct partner and distributors can resell Microsoft Office 365 services through Jamcracker Cloud Platform.
  • Ability to import and manage customers and subscriptions for existing Microsoft partner.
  • Differential pricing to optimize revenue potential.
  • Ability to provide discounts and promotions for customers.
  • Billing engine to manage complex multi-tier subscriptions as well as usage based billing models.
  • Extensive dashboard for partners.
  • Settlement report to reconcile with Microsoft.

For End Customers

  • Active Directory or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) support to onboard new and existing users.
  • Complete lifecycle management of services.
  • Extensive dashboard to visualize the utilization of services by cost, order status, license status etc.
  • Choice to pay the invoice via various payment methods.
  • Supports Microsoft CSP multi-partner and multi-channel functionality.
  • Customers who have an existing tenant relationship with Microsoft can order services from a different CSP partner.
  • Use existing Microsoft primary domain while ordering a Microsoft CSP SaaS services.