Simplified SD-WAN Offering for Service Providers

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Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions have gained significant popularity for their ability to enhance network performance, reduce costs, and provide flexibility. However, Service Providers (Telcos, MSP's) face various challenges in delivering and managing SD-WAN solutions. At Jamcracker, we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with delivering top-notch SD-WAN services. Our comprehensive solution caters specifically to SD-WAN Service Providers, offering a host of features that will transform the way you offer, deliver, manage, and scale SD-WAN.

SD-WAN Solutions for Telcos and MSP's

Jamcracker's SD-WAN Solutions for Telcos and MSP's

Accelerate Deals

Maximize the acceleration of your SD-WAN deals with the Jamcracker Digital Marketplace. Utilize the platform's centralized approach to simplify the complexity of SD-WAN service packaging, offering pre-configured solutions that clients can easily customize. Leverage the marketplace's efficient navigation features, allowing clients to swiftly select specific components and tailor to their unique requirements. Use Jamcracker's automated deployment tools for quick implementation to meet evolving client needs.

Telcos SD-WAN Services
SD-WAN Solutions

Multi-Tenancy Excellence

Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace is built with a robust multi-tenancy architecture, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple clients and their unique requirements from a single, centralized platform.

Expand Market Reach

Our Digital Marketplace offers a unique opportunity to craft comprehensive and customizable service packages that align with the evolving needs of your clients. Utilize the integrated quotation workflow to streamline and expedite the quoting process, ensuring swift responses to client inquiries. With a centralized hub for combining diverse offerings, service providers can effortlessly design solutions that stand out in the market, fostering increased engagement and business growth.

SD-WAN Services
SD-WAN Services

Billing and Monetization

Jamcracker offers robust billing and monetization capabilities, providing service providers with an effortless means of managing and invoicing customers for SD-WAN services. Whether it involves variable costs based on usage, fixed costs for resources, or recurring charges for managed services and plans, Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace offers solutions for all billing scenarios. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and transparent financial relationship between the service provider and the end-user, fostering clarity and efficiency in financial transactions.

In addition some of our highlights are :

  1. Centralized Platform for Service Offerings
  2. Pre-Integrated Solutions
  3. Manage Diverse Vendors
  4. Automated Provisioning and Scaling
  5. Flexible Pricing Models
  6. Automated Billing and more

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