Configuration Management & Automation

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform helps to accelerate the IT Automation by automating cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many other IT needs. With the increase in options provided by various cloud providers, DevOps work has become challenging. Not only creating and manage a large number of resources across various cloud environments, it also enables DevOps to carry out Continuous Configuration Automation (CCA) tasks. Jamcracker DevOps framework is a new and easy way of setting up and management of resources across various Cloud environments as well as Bare metal provisioning.

Configuration Management & Automation

Jamcracker DevOps Framework

  • Easy and efficient way to run required scripts available within the platform and launch essential resources on the provider’s end within seconds.
  • Complements the existing IaaS features in Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform.
  • Eliminates the need to on-board various resources of different public cloud providers on Jamcracker Platform.
  • Integrated with Ansible at present and other popular configuration management tools to follow.

Jamcracker DevOps Framework Offers

  • Standard resource library to launch resources such as VPC, Subnet, RDS etc.
  • Can be extended to cater to any or all kinds of resources across multiple public cloud providers.
  • Strongly backed with RBAC control to regulate the privileges available to different roles.
  • Successfully launched resources are represented on the dashboards for further cost analysis.
  • Billing of the resources is very well handled within the platform.
  • Allows the DevOps to create or source Ansible scripts for new resources and add those to the existing library of resources.
  • Novice users can use the scripts by providing the right parameters for launching resources while expert users can always write / build their own library.
  • Bare metal provisioning.

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Configuration Management/Automation