Huawei Cloud Management – For Solutions and Sales Partners


Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform has extended its integration to Huawei Cloud, enabling Huawei Solution partners and Sales Partners to readily offer holistically managed Huawei cloud solutions.

Transitioning from traditional servers to cloud-based solutions can plague your business's operational efficiency. Code-heavy multi-cloud ecosystems tend to become laborious as they begin scaling up. 

SaaS platforms streamline private, public, and hybrid clouds, thereby providing an answer to your cloud integration, automation, and orchestration woes. 

Our framework assists Global system integrators (GSIs) and enterprises with better self-service provisioning and vendor-agnostic cloud resource management for delivering customized business IT and server environments. 

Key aspects of what the Huawei Cloud management platform has to offer your customers:

  1. Speedy and secure customer account setup: As a cloud automation tool, Jamcracker cloud platform aids in expediting customer account creation and also provides ability to map existing customer accounts at ease.
  2. Provision disparate application stack: Jamcracker cloud management platform assists with deploying custom Linux and Windows Virtual Machines with low-code configuration setup for business-urgent scenarios faster than ever.
  3. Methodical life cycle management: Platform further assists with VM Life-cycle actions (start, stop, reboot, and terminate). Jamcracker simplifies SSH management for Linux VMs and RDP for Windows VMs, with custom GUI resizing aids.
  4. The platform automates Huawei’s VM life cycle actions like security group management, volume management, and IP management for ensuring a non-disruptive VM life cycle that runs like a well-oiled machine.

  5. Backup & restore systems: Huawei’s operations can smoothly fall back on backup and restore systems that pay their costs over time.
  6. Huawei relies on Jamcracker’s platform to create voluminous snapshots and VM images that sustain operational continuity, regardless of any disruptions.

  7. Miscellaneous resource management & scripting perks: Huawei Cloud scales flexibly, given Jamcracker's CSB and management platform delivers seamlessly during scenarios with peak operational load.
  8. Other comprehensive perks include multi-tiered database management with RESTful API integrations.

    With low-code input, customers can exercise granular control over a virtual network, DNS loads, and database management.

  9. Cloud Billing: Jamcracker multi-cloud platform automates billing for Huawei cloud resources, and any other cloud products.
  10. Vendor-comparative budgeting and cloud resource tracking allows your customers to pre-emptively analyse future costs and implement cost-cutting measures with intuitive inferences by the Jamcracker toolchain. 

  11. Dashboard & Reporting: Platform also provides role-defined accessibility to dashboards data that report on cost parameters.

Customized reports for assessing daily consumption, platform offers multiple dashboards and widgets to optimize cloud resource and cloud spend that addresses operational governance pain points.


Jamcracker cloud platform operates and maintains a unified, multi-cloud infrastructure with peak quality assurance.

Huawei Solution partners and Sales Partners can efficiently dispense monetized cloud services to consumers to orchestrate optimal cloud-based virtualization with respect to cost visibility, lifecycle management, compliance, governance, and all.