Cloud Analytics Package

Are you concerned about your cloud costs? Are you struggling to gain visibility into your cloud usage and expenses?
Do you want reliable cloud cost insights?

As a user of cloud services, you are most likely to say “Yes “to these questions. Cloud Cost Management is an ongoing challenge. The most recent industry surveys show that cloud cost management is one of the top concerns among cloud users. Gaining visibility in today’s sprawling cloud infrastructure is complex and laborious, involving drilling down into tools offered by various cloud services providers. Enterprise IT organizations need smarter and effective tools at their disposal in order to address this pertinent problem. Gaining a 360-degree view of the cloud costs requires collection and analysis of the cost data across all cloud infrastructures used inside an enterprise.

Jamcracker Cloud Analytics provides visibility into your cloud costs across your organization for a better cloud cost management. By providing a multi-dimensional view of cloud usage and expenses, it helps you take prompt and efficient decisions about your cloud cost. It provides meaningful cloud cost and usage data by projects, departments, products, cloud providers and business units.

Jamcracker Cloud Analytics is an important part of Jamcracker’s cloud management product portfolio. It offers interactive dashboards that let you view cloud costs across your organization on various levels to take decisions for cloud cost management. It provides you reliable cost data so that you can make confident cloud cost management decisions. The aggregate cost incurred for all your cloud resources are sliced and diced across multiple dimensions and displayed in a way that aligns your cloud costs with business goals. In addition to the consolidated view, it also displays your cloud usage per segment at a granular level. You can use tag-your resources policy and define your segments to track the cost by projects, departments, products or business units.

Real Time Dashboard

Real Time Dashboard enables you to get a snapshot of real-time cloud usage and cost data of various resources. It gives you instant visibility into the resources that are being used or are idle, ownership of these resources and current cloud cost associated with these resources. You can then take corrective actions to minimize cost leaks.

Analytical Dashboards

Analytical Dashboard provides consolidated as well as granular view of your cloud costs. It offers a comprehensive review of cloud consumption trends that help you to understand how resources have been consumed over a period of time. You can use this data to estimate projected cloud cost and further optimize the size of your cloud deployments.

Tag Analytics

Tag Analytics help you organize your resources based on tags and provide the ability to categorize them for billing purposes. Tag Analytics dashboard helps you analyze the cost of resources that represent different business categories (such as cost centres, departments, projects, groups) and provide visibility allowing asset management, security, and compliance tracking. It also displays the cost of IaaS resources, across multiple clouds, for a project. E.g. the consolidated cost view of AWS, Azure (multi-cloud) used in an automation project. Similarly, all you need to get a break-down of the cost of single provider (for e.g. Azure) for a project is to select that particular provider from the filter list.

EA dashboard

EA dashboard is specifically designed to manage Azure EA account. Azure enterprise account (EA) can have multiple departments, each department can have multiple accounts and each account can have multiple subscriptions. Jamcracker Cloud Analytics provides you a unique EA dashboard to analyse cost based on departments, accounts and subscriptions.

Cloud Cost Matters - Launch and run your Jamcracker Cloud Analytics in 3 easy steps

1. Launch Jamcracker Cloud Analytics from your AWS console.

2. Login with Credentials and update your cloud provider account details.

3. Get Real-time dashboard of your cloud services instantly. Track usage, cost and start controlling your cloud costs.

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Cloud Analytics package

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