Announcing the Latest Cloud Analytics Dashboard Enhancements


Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Jamcracker platform updates on Cloud Analytics and Dashboards. This release focuses on stability and responding to customer’s feedback we’ve received on our platform. Jamcracker cloud analytics dashboards gives enhanced visibility into your cloud costs across the organization for a better cloud cost management by providing multi-dimensional view of cloud usage and expenses. Also, the recommendations provided by the platform helps you to take prompt and efficient decisions about your cloud cost. The latest enhancement includes security recommendations, cost forecasts, resource utilization and additional recommendations for right-sizing, cost optimization, performance, fault tolerance, and others. This blog post will explore the latest enhancements in detail.

Security Recommendations

Quality and Quantity of threats are growing constantly against data assets on the public cloud. In today’s cloud-first world, security remains the top-most concern. The proliferation of complex, multi-cloud environments creates security silos that expand the surface of the rapidly changing threat landscape, which undermines the existing protective layers. The security recommendations in the Jamcracker platform, improves the security of your application by closing gaps, enabling various security features, and examining your permissions. It provides clear recommended actions on various security checks such as password policy, multi-factor authentication, security groups, permissions, access keys, etc., to reinforce the security of your cloud.

Cloud Analytics Dashboard
Cloud Cost Optimization

Recommendations for Cost Optimizations, Performance, Fault Tolerance and Service Limits

These new sets of recommendations provide recommended actions to reduce the cost, and increase the performance of your cloud. With this latest cost optimization recommendations, you can save money by eliminating unused and idle resources or making commitments to reserved capacity. Fault Tolerance checks provide recommendations to increase the availability and redundancy of your application by taking advantage of auto-scaling, health checks, multi-AZ, and backup capabilities. The recommendations on performance improves the performance of your service by checking your service limits, ensuring you take advantage of provisioned throughput, and monitoring for over-utilized instances.

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Spend Optimization

Simple and Smart Cost Forecasting for the Month

This simple dashboard provides forecast on how much you will be spending for the month, based on your past costs. You will be able to compare your last month spent along with the forecast. Apart from the overall forecast, it also provides a break-up of the forecast by individual products for you to understand where you are going to spend more for the month. This is simple yet powerful dashboard alerts you to avoid any surprises on your monthly cloud cost.


Resource Utilization

The latest enhancement provides an extension to the current Inventory dashboard to view the resource utilization for individual resources. It helps you to know what you have and ensure the right sizes for the resources to eliminate any unwanted usage. The dashboard provides the CPU utilization for last 2 or 7 or 30 days utilization along with peak and low. Also, it provides the ability to select the time interval of the utilization data for CPU, Disk Read, Network In, etc., to ensure the selected resource is size optimized.

Cloud Cost

Right Sizing Recommendations

The most powerful way to optimize the cloud cost for maximum performance is Right-Sizing. The new right-sizing recommendation helps you to save costs by identifying idle and underutilized instances. Recommendations are provided to either downsize or terminate instances - as well as suggesting different types of instances, along with the savings detail and metrics without installing an agent on each instance.

Cloud Cost

If all of these enhancements are obvious to you, that's a good thing. It means that the effort we put in to listening to our customer's feedback and working to solve meaningful problems for you has achieved its purpose—empowering you to manage your cloud.