Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) for Service Providers

Jamcracker’s flagship Cloud Services Brokerage solution for Service Providers including telcos, managed services providers and solutions integrators to offer cloud brokerage services.

Jamcracker's flagship Cloud Services Brokerage solution is beneficial to service providers including Telcos, Managed Services Providers and Solutions Integrators to offer cloud brokerage services to enterprise end users. JSDN is available as licensed software that can be hosted either in public or private cloud environments. Service providers can manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, VMWare vSphere, OpenStack, and Azure Stack. This solution can be easily integrated to support enterprise ITSM, billing, ERP and identity systems including Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Service. Channel partners such as a SIs or VARs can further use APIs for integration with other 3rd party private clouds and billing systems. Furthermore, it empowers business and IT managers with powerful dashboards to streamline and optimize cloud costs.

Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage for Service Providers Offers

  • Catalogue of pre integrated Services - Offers a multi-tiered content management system-based catalog, providing the flexibility to onboard and aggregate wide-ranging cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) and the ability to customize the layout
  • Administrators and users can be created and maintained with the required roles and privileges while also maintaining department specific catalogs.
  • Policy and Lifecycle Management - Your customers can manage their Virtual machines (VMs) by creating policies to control resource usage based on set thresholds.
  • Settlement reports available for reconciliation with ISV invoices.
  • Analytics and Dashboards gives your customers the ability to track their usage of IaaS resources on various cloud environments. Download reports that provide granular details about the cost and consumption of different IaaS Resources.
  • Integration Support - API and CSV support is available for integrating with your in-house OSS/BSS systems such as Autotask, SAP, etc.
  • Payment Gateway Options - The appliance offers flexible payment options where your customer can choose their method of payment – via credit card or a pre-approved line of credit. The appliance offers PayPal and Braintree as default Payment Gateways and provides support for integrating with your own payment gateway/s.
  • Helpdesk - You can opt for our built-in helpdesk feature to support your customers.

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