Discovery & Cloud Migration

Migrating workloads to the cloud demands effort and time. The Jamcracker Cloud Governance and Management Platform helps identify, analyze, plan, and track cloud workload migration. Customers can use any discovery tool available in their data centers, aggregate output and import them into Jamcracker’s Cloud Platform. Post import, the Platform provides insights into your private cloud resource utilization, and cost, and enables you to quickly analyze, plan and track your data center’s workload migration.

Cloud Migration Discovery

Migration Planner

  • Provides insights into your data center comprising of Summary of Resources, VM distribution, CPU and Memory Utilization, VM count by CPU, cost trend, etc.
  • Marks the resources for migration and tracks progress with the help of tags
  • Compares cost and configuration of resources before and after migration, with the help of tags
  • Provides insights into your private and public cloud usage and costs, side by side

Migration Destination

  • Instantly get a cost comparison of offerings from various public providers using Jamcracker Cloud Arbitrage feature to move digital assets from data center to the cloud
  • Get the estimated cost of the resources that you are planning to migrate
  • Compare offerings from various cloud providers on the basis of cost to help decide upon the desired vendor
  • Plan and track your migration project

Operate Cloud Environments

  • Unified console to manage multi-cloud workloads
  • Unified billing for all cloud services
  • Cloud cost analytics dashboards help to slice and dice the cloud spend data and dig deeper by splitting the spending information based on different parameters

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Discovery and Cloud Migration

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