Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) Standard

A Cloud Service Brokerage Appliance for Microsoft CSP Partners & Public IaaS Product Resellers

Jamcracker CSB Standard is a purpose built Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) virtual appliance for Cloud Service Resellers and Microsoft CSP Partners. The CSB Standard Edition automates order management, provisioning, billing, and support, for a host of Microsoft CSP and IaaS services, with relative ease. This solution supports self-service features for your end customers, as well as analytics dashboards. Cloud Service Brokers and Microsoft CSP Partners can also resell Jamcracker Cloud Management appliances to help their end customer manage multi-cloud environments, thus providing additional up-sell opportunities and increased customer loyalty. The virtual appliance is deployable in the Azure public cloud and AWS (Amazon Web Services). The virtual appliance is easy to setup and you can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Jamcracker is a pioneer in providing unified cloud brokerage and cloud management solutions for service providers around the globe.

Jamcracker CSB Standard Edition Feature Highlights

  • Catalogue of pre integrated office 365 Services: You can instantly resell Microsoft cloud services to end customers under your Microsoft CSP Partner ID. The appliance comes pre-integrated with over 40 Microsoft Cloud Services including O365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Dynamics CRM, Exchange, Sharepoint, One Drive and Skype for business.
  • IaaS Services: The appliance supports the most popular public clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Public Cloud & IBM Cloud. Your customers can add their existing accounts with these providers and manage their cloud resources from a single User Interface (UI). In the case of Azure, the appliance allows customers to sign up for a new account if they don’t already have one. The appliance provides detailed cost analytics dashboard to your customers helping them manage their cloud costs.
  • Policy and Lifecycle Management: Your customers can manage their Virtual machines (VMs) by creating policies to control resource usage based on set thresholds.
  • Multi-partner Support: The appliance enables you to cater to customer accounts from another CSP partner. Existing Microsoft customers can be easily imported from Microsoft partner centre and billed by the appliance, using our comprehensive billing engine.
  • Managed Services Options: You can configure your Managed Services in the Services Catalogue provided in the appliance, for customers to order your consulting, migration, 24x7 support and monitoring services as per their needs.
  • Order Management and Billing: You can provide a consolidated bill for all cloud services consumed by your customer. This gives your customer the simplicity of a single bill to pay, and a single point of contact. You, as the service provider or Partner, will retain control over margin.
  • Settlement reports available for reconciliation with ISV invoices.
  • Analytics and Dashboards: Rich drill-down dashboards gives your customers the ability to track their usage of IaaS resources on various cloud environments. Download reports that provide granular details about the cost and consumption of different IaaS Resources.
  • Integration Support: API and CSV support is available for integrating with your in-house OSS/BSS systems such as Autotask, SAP, etc.
  • Payment Gateway Options: The appliance offers flexible payment options where your customer can choose their method of payment – via credit card or a pre-approved line of credit. The appliance offers PayPal and Braintree as default Payment Gateways and provides support for integrating with your own payment gateway/s.
  • Multi-cloud Management Enterprise Appliances:This is also available for reselling to your customers. These enterprise appliances can be deployed and managed by you as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your customers at an additional cost or they can deploy it themselves. The price of the Appliance will be included in the consolidated bill.
  • Helpdesk:You can opt for our built-in helpdesk feature to support your customers.

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