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As businesses increasingly migrate to AWS Cloud, MSPs are facing growing demand for expertise in managing and optimizing AWS cloud deployments. However, managing multiple AWS accounts, ensuring security, and controlling costs can be a complex challenge.

Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace offers solution for MSPs, providing a comprehensive AWS Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that simplifies and streamlines AWS cloud management. With Jamcracker, MSPs can gain a centralized hub for provisioning, managing, and governing AWS deployments, enabling to deliver exceptional AWS cloud solutions.

  • Enhanced Cloud Cost Management in AWS: Gain granular insights into your AWS spending with real-time cost visibility and reporting. Jamcracker empowers you to identify cost optimization opportunities, set spending alerts, and implement budget controls, ensuring your stay within budget.
  • Simplified AWS Cloud Billing and Cost Management: Consolidate billing across all your AWS accounts, eliminating the hassle of managing individual invoices. Jamcracker allows you to create flexible billing models that align with your needs, streamlining the billing process.
  • Unified AWS Cloud Governance: Enforce security policies and access controls across all your AWS environments. Jamcracker's robust governance features help you ensure compliance with industry regulations and minimize security risks.
  • Improved Visibility and Control: Gain a centralized view of all your AWS resources, enabling you to provision, manage, and monitor cloud deployments with ease.
AWS Cloud Cost Management

Manage AWS Cloud Better with Jamcracker's Digital Marketplace

  • Provides continuous visibility and control of AWS cloud using Jamcracker’s Digital Marketplace governance tools which include dashboards, usage analytics data, billings and usage down to resource/user/ department or customer level granularity, track budgets against the plan and provide daily summaries.
  • Jamcracker’s cloud policy engine specifies AWS cost management policies to curtail AWS cloud cost and enforce approval workflows.
  • Provides visibility of AWS cloud usage and utilization to control AWS cloud cost.
  • Jamcracker’s Cloud Billing Engine enables consolidated AWS billing and cost management of multiple linked accounts which contribute to better control and settlement across various divisions.
  • Jamcracker platform uses Tags to track usage against departments and projects providing accurate chargebacks.
  • Helps accelerate the IT automation by automating cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many other IT needs with Jamcracker’s DevOps automation.
  • Create managed service offers with 24x7 support, monitoring, patch management and deployment to create superior upsell and cross-sell opportunities while increasing profitability and margin expansion.
  • Bundle additional public or private cloud services options like Azure, VMware, and Open Stack, and pre-integrated SaaS services including Office 365, to become a one-stop shop for your customers cloud management needs.
  • Jamcracker’s AWS Cloud ready platform provides White-labeled storefront/marketplace and a custom catalog that gives a delightful self-service user experience for customers to consume cloud services. Single Sign-on through Active Directory or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) or SAML simplifies AWS cloud access management, compliance, audit, and control.

AWS Cloud Migration

With Jamcracker CMP migration automation, migrate your on premise work load running in your private cloud environment or datacenter to AWS.

Migration support has taken care following activities and it's fully automated:

  • Setting up the migration project in AWS CloudEndure.
  • Agent installation in the source VM.
  • Start of replication of the source machine in the target AWS cloud.
  • Test launch of target VMs in AWS environment.
  • Cut-over or actual production launch of the target machine.

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Jamcracker has also simplify Workload Migration to AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) environment.

  • AWS Account Creation
  • Provision EKS Cluster
  • Provision & Migration of Database
  • Migrating Container Images
  • Deploying Application & Connecting RDS
  • Container Dashboard

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Workload Migration to AWS EKS

Simplify Workload Migration to AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) by using Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform

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Migrating Your Existing Cloud Workloads to the AWS Cloud

Migrating Your Existing Cloud Workloads to the AWS Cloud using Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform

With the increase in Multi-Cloud adoption, AWS has been one of the primary choices for SMBs and Enterprises to migrate their workload...AWS Cloud Migration

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AWS Cloud Governance and Cost Management

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