How Jamcracker Platform Adding Value To The Microsoft Modern Commerce Platform

As consumerization and consolidation are at peak for CSB and CMP platform, the Year 2020 will bring new challenges and opportunities to the Cloud Service Broker platform vendors. The foremost priorities for CSB platform vendors are their readiness to be aligned with cloud market technology and business model changes and maintain vendor neutrality. Jamcracker continued to be a favorite of Cloud market analysts and researchers in the year 2019 as well. We will keep the same momentum on in the Year 2020 by offering a single solution for billing, provisioning, orchestration and self-service cloud commerce platform. Since Microsoft Azure is gaining momentum, the Jamcracker platform has already geared to adopt changes for the Microsoft Modern Commerce Platform.

Microsoft Modern Commerce Platform

About New Microsoft Modern Commerce Platform

Microsoft Modern Commerce strategy for new azure commerce experience is a perfect example of big steps towards consumerization of all major Microsoft offerings getting aggregated into one. With this initiative, Microsoft has opened up new avenues to think for how efficiently CSP partners can grow and manage Microsoft services users. The multidimensional initiative can be categorized into two, Simplification and Aggregation. Microsoft has taken steps for simplified agreement frameworks and it included two new agreements, the Microsoft Partner Agreement and the Microsoft Customer Agreement. It also trying to simplify the rating and billing models.

How does Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage Platform add Value?

Jamcracker Microsoft Modern Commerce

Universal portal for services and value-added services are great aggregation story. In principal these steps are definitely in the right direction but In spite of these steps, there is a significant value being added by Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage Platform. The following use cases supported by the Jamcracker platform which complements Microsoft's new commerce experience.

  1. If you need to provide a universal portal and would like to give access to your customers, channels and reselling partners to view and download cost and usage data.

  2. Takes away your billing nightmares for Direct CSP or Indirect CSP providers by Simplified automated billing and cost management. This starts from getting API level access for billing data to cost and usage data to gain visibility into granular level consumption.

  3. Provides various discounting and promotional go to market features. CSP partners can use the Jamcracker CSB platform for billing and reporting of discounted consumption of on-demand and RI (Reserved Instances).

  4. Custom reporting and analytics are available in both real-time and scheduled.

  5. Visibility of daily and monthly data at Resource Group, resource name, resource type, resource meter, meter ID, category, sub-category, region, unit, consumed amount, invoiced amount.

Jamcracker Inc. is Microsoft OCP Partner and Microsoft CPV Partner. Jamcracker provides a single interface Cloud Brokerage and Hybrid Cloud Management platform for Managed service providers in integration with Microsoft Azure commerce experience for Direct as well as in-direct CSP service providers.