How Jamcracker Can Help You With Reserved Instance Reporting And Analytics


At Jamcracker, we are always focused on offering the most innovative services through our Cloud Management Platform. That is why, we have the reserved instance reporting feature on the platform that can help CFOs and IT admins to keep track of their RI spent and utilization.

Here’s how Jamcracker can make that possible:

Seamless reserved instance analytics with Jamcracker

RI's can cost over 75% less than on-demand instances. With accurate reserved instance reporting, you are able to plan your RI investments in the right way which can, in turn, maximize your savings.

The reserved instances dashboard has a user-friendly interface and reporting features that give you a clear idea about reserved instance usage, on-demand usage, RI running hours, coverage rate, burndown hours, and much more.

Reserved Instance Analytics

  1. On Demand vs Reserved Hours: This data showcases the on-demand and the reserved instance hours used. It can give you information about total usage hours, on demand hours and, reserved hours along with RI coverage which you can use to optimize your RI purchases for cost efficiency.
  2. RI-owned vs burndown hours: You can get details about total RI hours and actual usage hours of all the reserved instances by instance type. With this, you will be able to analyze if the RIs are being utilized fully.
  3. Instance types covered by reservation: It displays the instance types covered by reservation and their corresponding cost
  4. Instance type with no reservation coverage: With this report, you can analyze the instances which are not covered by reservation along with total hours used and the price. These factors can help you decide whether you need to go for a new reservation.

Apart from these analytics, we also offer reserved instance recommendations to help you in purchase or sell to curtail your cloud cost.

The benefits of reserved instances analytics in Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform

Consolidated view of all the reserved instances

With Jamcracker, we consolidate all of your RI utilization data under one roof, allowing you to access RI analytics for both AWS and Azure through the same dashboard.

Detailed reporting

Jamcracker offers detailed RI utilization data that you can use to cut down your expenses by new RI purchases.

Better recommendations

Our recommendations dashboard offers accurate recommendations for your reserved instances. Based on the past usage, you can get recommendations about whether you should sell or purchase RIs. You will get recommendations about which instance types to sell or purchase with the expected monthly cost savings in order to save on costs.

Reserved instance recommendations can offer you with significant savings over pay-as-you-go pricing.

Reserved Instance Recommendations


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