XaaS Subscription Management Platforms for MSP's - What are the Benefits?


The cloud pursues to spins faster and faster and continues to re-shape the market and amplify its effect on the world.

The growing number of Managed service providers (MSP’s) jumping into the market has driven intense competition, each rushing to offer better solutions, driving cloud adoption, governance, cost and resource optimization, security, customer retention, and much more.

Services, one of the key elements of success in XaaS delivery and operations, services must be adaptable and should be responsive to the needs that are constantly changing, 

Jamcracker comes to the aid of Managed service providers, our Cloud XaaS Management platform helps MSP’s to accelerate growth and provide better support and to help efficiently manage and deliver value to customers 

Best XaaS Subscription Management Platform to address your Business Needs;

  1. You can choose from the pre-integrated bouquet of providers and services and build your customized catalogue or publish your own services.

Subscription Management Platform for MSP

  1. The platform comes with pre-integrated catalogue of Infrastructure Services, Platform as a service and Software services across prominent public and private clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Huawei Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Google workspace, Oracle cloud, Vcenter, VCD and others. Our framework is flexible to integrate anything or everything as a service (XaaS).
  2. Define cost, selling price, define your margins/markups or discounts.
  3. Onboard customers on the platform or integrate with external systems like Salesforce to automate the customer onboarding process, create quotation and proposals.
  4. Onboard users within these customer accounts or integrate with active directory/federated active directory service.
  5. Create quotations for customers onboarded.
  6. Manage quotations/proposals created.
  7. Provision Infrastructure services/resources and orchestrate provisioning of resources from the platform for your customers.
  8. Manage the services/resources created for your customers from the platform.
  9. Using our dev ops framework define your own templates or blueprints from the platform and offer them as an orderable catalogue item to your customers or to your operations team managing customer accounts.
  10. Provision and manage software services for customers on behalf.
  11. Platform provides flexibility to onboard anything as a service, including professional service that an MSP can onboard to charge customers for the services rendered, this can be a one-time charge or recurring monthly charge until the customer/s account is being managed on behalf.
  12. As an MSP you can manage your customer’s orders, purchases, manage subscriptions, manage proposals, Users, Invoices, Payments and much more.
  13. As an MSP you can bill your customers in the form of an invoice for the products and services being consumed and collect payments on a predefined date.
  14. Platform also has the ability to generate bill feeds which can be integrated with an ERP software like SAP.
  15. Platform can also be integrated with any payment gateway to automate collections.
  16. Platform also comes pre-integrated dashboards and reports for better governance and reconciliation.

To conclude Jamcracker XaaS Cloud Management platform caters to the constantly changing market of Managed service providers with its comprehensive end to end solution to manage and monetize your business.