Azure Cloud Management and Cloud Governance

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform integration with Microsoft Azure integrates Azure management APIs including ARM, CREST and GRAPH offers Azure Cloud Management solutions, enabling channel partners and enterprise IT brokers to readily offer a holistic managed Azure offerings. It provides full visibility and control of public cloud resources, visibility of cloud costs, governance, monitoring, secure access, audit and provide a single bill and settlement.

Azure Cloud Management and Cloud Governance

Manage Azure Better with Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform

Azure Cloud Governance

Offer continuous visibility and control of Azure cloud to customers using Jamcracker platform’s governance tools including dashboard, interactive charts, usage analytics data and ready reports depicting Azure Orders, Billing and Usage down to resource, user, department or customer level granularity

Azure Cost Management

Control Azure cloud cost by providing real time visibility of Azure cloud usage and utilization. Using Jamcracker’s Cloud Policy engine, specify Azure Cost Management policies to curtail Azure cost and enforce approval workflows.

Simplify Azure Billing And Settlement

Obtain accurate billing data from Azure cloud services and generate a consolidated Azure Cloud Usage invoice per individual customer or user level. Reconcile aggregate Azure Cloud usage with Azure cloud services billed by Microsoft through Azure Settlement Report.

DevOps Automation

Accelerate the IT Automation by automating cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and many other IT needs. Easy and efficient way to run required scripts and launch resources on AWS within seconds.

Maximize Revenue Through Custom Pricing

Quickly create custom price plans for different customers to maximize Azure cloud revenue opportunities

Increase Profitability Through Upsell And Cross-sell

Bundle additional public or private cloud services provider options such as Amazon, vmware and Openstack as well as hundreds of pre-integrated SaaS services including Office 365, to improve overall gross profit margins.

Automated Azure Cloud Provisioning

Jamcracker’s Azure Cloud ready platform enables customers to automatically and seamlessly purchase a variety of Azure cloud services in just a few clicks. Single Sign-on through Active Directory or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) simplifies Azure cloud access management, compliance and control

Superior Customer Experience

Provide white-labeled storefront and a custom catalog to provide a delightful self-service user experience to customers to consume Azure Cloud Services