System Integrators Enabling IT Transformation to the Cloud

Enabling IT Transformation to the Cloud

The Jamcracker cloud brokerage & governance solutions allows systems integrators to tap into the new revenue streams. We provide architectural, business, and IT operations for enabling, delivering, and managing multiple cloud services within a federated and consistent provisioning, life cycle management, governance, billing, security, administration, and support framework. Systems integrators have the opportunity to gain market share and increase customer life-time profitability by providing value-added service ecosystems that help differentiate their core offerings.

Why Jamcracker for System Integrators?

  • Infrastructure discovery and migration planner to quickly track, analyze and plan data center migration.
  • Compare costs & arbitrage of the work load and propose right cloud vendor.
  • Visibility & governance of cloud spend – Enabling cloud consumption based on business rules.
  • DevOps framework cater to all kinds of resources across multiple public cloud providers

Migration Planner

  • Migration dashboard to provide insights into private cloud usage and cost
  • Migration dashboard enables to quickly track, analyze and plan your data center migration.
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Cloud Cost Arbitrage

  • With Cost Comparator, instantly get a cost comparison of various public providers and select the right cloud vendor
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Cloud Governance & Compliance

  • Configurable workflow with Role based Access Control.
  • Govern Infrastructure resources with custom & inbuilt policies.
  • Controlled Stack Templates
  • Authentication, Authorization & Access Control
  • Auditing, Budgets & Chargeback
  • Usage & Cost Analytics Dash Boards, Spend Management
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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Management

  • Multi-cloud both Public & Private Cloud lifecycle Management
  • Compare Costs & Select (Arbitrage) of the work load and select/propose right cloud vendor.
  • End-to-End lifecycle Management
  • Automate multi-cloud services management and delivery.
  • Monitor usage, performance, and costs across multi-cloud environments.
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  • Create, manage, and deliver your own cloud services, along with third-party cloud offerings.
  • Improve efficiency in building, orchestrating, and deploying composite services.
  • Automate compliance by enforcing security and access-control policies.
  • Allow self-service fulfillment for users, enabling departmental charge-backs for external and internal services.
  • Integrate with internal IT assets and processes.
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Simplify DevOps

  • DevOps framework to support Single and Hybrid orchestration
  • Capability to cater to any or all kinds of resources across multiple public cloud providers
  • Standard resource library to launch cloud resources
  • Capability to cater to any or all kinds of resources across multiple public cloud providers.
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  • Automate billing & metering for cloud stacks & application services.
  • Run the billing engine in stand-alone mode or integrate with external billing systems to support subscription metered usage, one-time fees, tiers, and other pricing models.
  • Charge via credit/debit cards and invoices, and export data—including cost-allocation information—to external financial and accounting systems.
  • Configure the billing solution for volume discounts, tier-based increases, and/or thresholds and groupings you define at the product, package, market segment or individual customer level.
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  • Real-time IaaS resource dashboard
  • Executive Dashboards/cost trends
  • Cost analytics by departments/projects/products etc
  • Tag analytics Dashboard
  • EA dashboard to analyze cost based on departments, accounts and subscriptions.
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CSB Standard

A purpose built appliance for that automates order management, provisioning, billing, and support for Microsoft Office 365 and public IaaS services.

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CSB for Service Providers

Jamcracker’s flagship Cloud Services Brokerage solution for Service Providers including telcos, managed services providers and solutions integrators to offer cloud brokerage services.

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