Five 'Must Ask' Questions When Considering a Cloud Services Brokerage Business Model

The first step in considering a Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) model for your business or IT needs is to understand and formulate the business model. CSB is increasingly being utilized by IT organizations and providers as a means to centralize cloud governance while increasing service delivery agility and flexibility. This informative webinar addresses 5 key questions to consider when developing your CSB business case:

  • Business Case Justification: Whom will I be operating the CSB for (e.g. Internal users, External customers and channels, or both) and what business issues should I be focusing on?
  • Economic Model: What are the revenue gains and/or cost savings metrics and target results I should expect to achieve with a CSB?
  • Vendor Management: How do I manage varying contracts, SLAs and integrations with disparate Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) being delivered via my CSB?
  • Operating Model: What's the best approach for my organization in deploying and operating a CSB as well as supporting my users?
  • Risk Mitigation: What are the business and technical risks with the CSB model, and how can I best mitigate them?