Enterprise Cloud & CIOs: Does Your Cloud First Adoption Strategy Making Your Enterprise IT Fragile?


Yes, Dear CIOs, you read it right. Does the realm of Cloud Computing and mandate of Cloud First as a Enterprise Cloud Adoption strategy is progressing to make a dent on the real benefits of cloud adoption? Others might have taken Cloud as technology shift but I believe CFOs were clear and expected that Cloud can bring in a fundamental change in how IT is going to be made available to the organization and will bring effective IT Cost Management.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption

On one hand where Software as a Service is relatively simpler to manage than Infrastructure as a Service, Multi-Cloud adoption of Cloud Infrastructure has added multi-fold complexity to manage.

To migrate on the cloud, enterprises have lifted and shifted most of the workloads rather than refactoring them first. Private cloud was an extension of virtualization but real cost benefits were out of using a public cloud. The possibility of workload portability led to adopting multiple cloud providers. In fact, the Multi-Cloud journey helped enterprises up to a large extent due to the placement of workload in the right cloud environment and avoid vendor lock-in. These all were the right decisions taken but in due course, it led to a very fragile environment because the outcome was not as per expected financial benefits.

Truth is Multi-Cloud is a solution if it is better managed in all aspects like security, ease of deployment, resource management, and Cost optimization.

So enterprises how do you achieve that? The most searchable answer is to use the Cloud Management Platform. However is that sufficient? The best answer is using the Cloud Management Platform having cloud brokering capability. Gartner also says the same; refer Gartner Cloud Management Wheel published in 2018.

Jamcracker provides a vendor-agnostic Multi-Cloud Management platform, a solution for enterprises to solve common as well as complex scenarios like.

  1. On-demand automated orchestration and provisioning of all three public, private and hybrid cloud Infrastructure.
  2. Single Pane of Glass for centralized or for department IT to do resource management.
  3. Analytics Dashboards for central IT, department & LOBs for Cloud Cost Visibility, Utilizations, Recommendations.
  4. Governance to central IT to control at Department level to define service catalog, budgets, etc.
  5. Show back and chargeback for departments.
  6. Visibility Dashboard for Shadow IT and Cloud Sprawl.
  7. A policy framework to automate repeated tasks, auto scale, and financial control.
  8. Plug-in framework for DevOps automation integration.

Jamcracker offers 3 solutions for enterprises and CIOs can choose and scale to as and when they need it..

  1. Cloud Analytics - Visibility into your cloud costs across your organization. More details can be found here
  2. Cloud Control - Unified cloud management solution for Public Cloud More details can be found here
  3. Hybrid Cloud Management - Unified cloud management solution for Public & Private Cloud More details can be found here

Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform solutions are pre-integrated with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure Stack, OpenStack, VMware vCenter, VMware vCloud Director and Cloud Stack. Solutions are white-labeled, appliance-based and enterprises can host them at their choice of cloud. Jamcracker platform is ready to deploy and also available in Microsoft Azure marketplace & Amazon AWS Marketplace also.