Simplify your Microsoft Cloud Journey using Jamcracker Platform

It is very important for you to choose your right CSP partner to be able to enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft CSP program and maximize your go-to-market strategy with an end-to-end cloud service broker and management solutions. Jamcracker Cloud Platform enables Microsoft CSP partners to roll out Microsoft Cloud Services to their customers in just a few hours. 

Jamcracker Cloud Platform helps you to integrate and manage the complete lifecycle of Microsoft Cloud Services. Using Jamcracker cloud platform Microsoft Direct partners, Indirect partners or Indirect Resellers can take their unique cloud-based solution to market faster. As an indirect reseller in Microsoft CSP, you work with indirect providers (also referred to as distributors) who have a direct relationship with Microsoft, working with indirect providers means you don't have to start on your own. Instead, you can work with Jamcracker who is an experienced technology provider, who can help you in your success.  

Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider

With Jamcracker as an established technology provider, you're well positioned to maximize the customer relationship to grow your revenue. 

Indirect resellers in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program can connect with other partners, bring new solutions to the market without having to make a large capital investment. 

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program puts Microsoft CSP Partners at the centre of the customer relationship. But how do partners prepare to maximize the customer relationship to grow revenue:

  1. Rapidly create your branded online CSP Marketplace and accelerate go-to-market for Microsoft cloud services
  2. Maximize profit by cross-selling and up-selling CSP services and 3rd party services, as well as your core products and services
  3. Manage the complex multi-tier subscriptions as well as usage-based billing models
  4. Streamline service delivery of Microsoft cloud services, without the necessity of integrations to the CSP APIs
  5. Increase sales through multi-tier and multi-channel marketplaces
  6. Maintain control of your cloud business and management of the customer lifecycle

How does Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage Platform add Value?

Universal portal for services and value-added services are great aggregation story. In principle these steps are definitely in the right direction but in spite of these steps, there is a significant value being added by Jamcracker Cloud Service Brokerage Platform. The following use cases supported by the Jamcracker platform which complements Microsoft's new commerce experience.

  1. If you need to provide a universal portal and would like to give access to your customers, channels and reselling partners to view and download cost and usage data.
  2. Takes away your billing nightmares for Direct CSP or Indirect CSP  Indirect Reseller providers by Simplified automated billing and cost management. This starts from getting API level access for billing data to cost and usage data to gain visibility into granular level consumption.
  3. Provides various discounting and promotional go to market features. CSP partners can use the Jamcracker CSB platform for billing and reporting of discounted consumption of on-demand and RI (Reserved Instances).
  4. Custom reporting and analytics are available in both real-time and scheduled.
  5. Visibility of daily and monthly data at Resource Group, resource name, resource type, resource meter, meter ID, category, sub-category, region, unit, consumed amount, invoiced amount.
  6. Jamcracker cloud platform comes with a catalogue of pre-integrated Microsoft Services/SKU’s, the platform also provides CSP’s the ability to on-board their own Services/SKU’s.
  7. Each provider has his scheme for calculating the price for the cloud services offered for customers. The provider's goal is to have a greater benefit, while each customer’s goal is to have the maximize services at lowest possible price. The price management in Jamcracker platform supports multiple pricing models, different price points (e.g. Vendor Price, Wholesale Price, Minimum Retail Price, and Retail Price, Margins and Customer specific margins),  + Globalization the capability to support multiple currencies, currency conversions, Taxes, Trials, Promotions and Discounts.
  8. For Microsoft CSP partners selling Office 365 to enterprise customers, once they get integrated with the Jamcracker Platform, the customer's on premise  Active Directories to enable single-sign-on (SSO) user access to Office 365 and all other cloud services being delivered from the Jamcracker Cloud Platform.
  9. Jamcracker Cloud Platform provides settlement report which a Microsoft CSP’s can use to reconcile collections and payments. Settlement report can also be used by Resellers to reconcile with the Indirect CSP’s.

Know How Microsoft CSPs (Cloud Solution Providers) can benefit using Jamcracker Platform

Cloud computing has become a serious force in the IT world.

  1. Your Microsoft CSP manages your software licenses, including renewals and software upgrades. You pay only for what you need and can increase or decrease your licenses on the spot and at any time.
  2. All licenses are conveniently managed in one predictable billing cycle – no surprises when the bill comes due.
  3. Get IT tech support for all licenses.
  4. Cost-effective pricing packages created specifically for your cloud service needs.
  5. No extra cost to your business.

Software licenses account for a significant portion of your IT budget. Managing licenses, ensuring timely renewals, tracking usage, keeping up with changes in licensing rules and regulations and upgrades across different teams and departments can be a huge headache for your business.

With a CSP, you get the same products and services your business would normally use and purchase, without the stress and drain on IT resources. You can move and scale easily at your own pace. Plus, you can reduce costs and quickly adopt the latest technologies without putting excessive stress on your IT management load.

How Jamcracker Platform can help you to overcome challenges.

Jamcracker cloud platform offers a robust cloud service marketplace and management system. It provides a comprehensive cloud service delivery model that enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver value-added cloud services to the market quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Jamcracker Cloud Platform Consolidate Billing

Billing is the essential process that consolidates all the cloud charges for the customer, triggers advance recurring charges and invokes payment and invoices.

Jamcracker Cloud Platform Reports

By providing a multi-dimensional view of cloud business data, usage and cost, Jamcracker Platform helps you take quick and efficient decisions about your cloud spend. The Platform’s reporting capabilities backed by a comprehensive set of technological and functional features offer an unmatched effectiveness and ease of use to both business customers and IT administrators.

The Jamcracker Cloud Platform delivers a full range of reporting capabilities – such as Interactive Dashboards, Standard Reports, Custom Reports, Offline Reports and more. These advanced reporting data and visualization tools provide better insights into cloud sales, usage trends and much more.