Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers - Create Your Ecosystem and Unlock Your Potential

Since Indirect Re-sellers owns customer relationships they are accountable to deliver for what their customer expects. As the API economy is growing, meeting ever changing expectations for self-services are challenging. Be it for your customers or for your own business and operations team. Microsoft has published APIs under Microsoft CSP Modern Commerce Program and with this Microsoft Indirect Resellers can build their own ecosystem to perform key business operations, manage resources and their customers.

Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller

With Jamcracker Cloud Service Broker platform Indirect Resellers can set-up their own ecosystem and achieve the following::

Online Marketplace: Indirect Resellers can operate with their own white-labelled Cloud Commerce Portal. Jamcracker Cloud Service Broker and Cloud Management Platform gives you the power to implement end to end commerce transaction portal along with administration portal. What it brings a great business and brand value like self- services for your customers, Action on On-behalf of for your customers, and business & support operations for your team.

Service Catalog: Set-up and publish the services you want to sell. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Managed Services, Consulting services etc..

Customer On-Boarding: Register your customers. Jamcracker provides both self-service as well as an on-behalf-of interface.

To add new Microsoft CSP customer, Indirect Resellers can now manage the complete workflow from the Jamcracker platform. Just add them to your white-labeled commerce portal with the necessary information and your indirect provider can be notified to take further action. Once your Indirect Provider takes action, the workflow can be completed by you. A similar experience is built to bring your existing customer to your commerce platform. The advantage is you can track everything end to end in a single system and for further action.

Placing Orders for Microsoft CSP O365 and Managing Licenses: Indirect Resellers can now punch orders from their branded Cloud Commerce portal. While placing order Jamcracker platform will prompt you with the necessary information to key in and your indirect provider will be notified to take further action. Once your Indirect Provider takes action, the workflow can be completed by you.

Your operation team and your customers both can view the order status and get notified for the fulfillment.

Once orders get fulfilled, Indirect Reseller can provision licenses to the users from the Cloud Commerce portal set-up out of the Jamcracker platform. The API based integration done with Microsoft makes it complete real-time and error-free.

Placing and Managing Orders for Azure Services: For Azure IaaS Services like Virtual Machines etc can be launched and managed from the Cloud Commerce portal. Online integration using Microsoft Modern Commerce API enables it to complete self-service, zero-touch. You can Launch resources and perform life cycle management operations from a single platform. The same is available for your customers to do it themselves. Jamcracker platform not only provides brokering features but also provides a comprehensive Multi-Cloud Management feature.

Billing: The API based integration with Microsoft CSP Modern Commerce provides flexibility to Indirect resellers to have prompt access to the billing data from Microsoft. You can independently bill to your customers without involving your distributor or indirect provider.

Now indirect resellers with Jamcracker platform you can bill your customers accurately and with no delay. The billing engine provides a mechanism to define pricing plans, margins you operate with. Billing engine supports can even define custom pricing for your individual customer. The billing plan you define is used for computing billing amount to invoice customers. With Jamcracker you can make a single aggregated bill of all services your customer is using.

Dashboards: There are dashboards that provided information related to subscriptions, usage, cost trends and recommendations to optimize cloud consumption. It’s a significant value that you can add to your customers since they can view, manage and control their resources and spend.

On-Behalf Management: Jamcracker Cloud Brokerage and Management platform gives control to the Indirect Resellers. They can selectively choose who can do what by using the Role-Based Access Control feature. The assisted or manage on behalf feature allows Indirect resellers to perform actions for their customers. Some of the functions are:

  1. .You can manage your customer MS CSP O365 license provisioning.
  2. .You can do Azure IaaS resource provisioning.
  3. .You can do Azure VM lifecycle Management.

Brief of my thoughts are, Unlock the Lockdown Scenarios, take a maximum possible control of your business and provide what your customers are expecting to have in their real-time view. With new Microsoft CSP commerce and partner center API, reselling world is changing.

About Jamcracker: Jamcracker Inc. is Microsoft OCP Partner and Microsoft CPV Partner. Jamcracker provides a single interface Cloud Brokerage and Hybrid Cloud Management platform for Managed service providers in integration with Microsoft Azure commerce experience for Direct as well as in-direct CSP service providers.

About Author: Ajay Gupta is Director of Business Development & Pre-Sales for Jamcracker. He is Cloud Evangelist and consults for defining product and growth strategy for Jamcracker. He manages global business, channels, alliances and analyst relations.

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