Cloud Services Governance and Management for Enterprise & Government IT

Cloud Services Governance and Management for Enterprise & Government IT

As enterprise organizations and government agencies are undergoing "Cloud Shift", a comprehensive cloud services management solution is very much needed for IT and business users to provide cloud analytics, cloud control and cloud life cycle management solutions. Cloud Governance is required to get handle on cloud consumptions across organizations.

Jamcracker offers a comprehensive cloud management, and governance enablement solution that allows IT to aggregate, manages, and delivers public and private cloud services across the enterprise and Government IT departments or agencies.

Why Jamcracker for Enterprise and government IT?

  • Catalog - Enterprises to setup app stores as centralized resources of services for users' needs, including private and public cloud services
  • Multi Cloud Management - Multi-cloud both Public & Private Cloud resources provisioning and lifecycle Management
  • Governance - Unifies security, auditing, compliance enforcement, and services discovery
  • Visibility - Cost & usage analytics
  • Helps to deliver ITaaS, and stop cloud sprawl

Cloud Governance & Compliance

  • Configurable workflow with Role based Access Control
  • Govern Infrastructure resources with custom & inbuilt policies
  • Controlled Stack Templates
  • Authentication, Authorization & Access Control
  • Auditing, Budgets & Chargeback
  • Usage & Cost Analytics Dash Boards, Spend Management
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Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Management

  • Multi-cloud both Public & Private Cloud lifecycle Management
  • Compare Costs & Select (Arbitrage) of the work load and select/propose right cloud vendor
  • End-to-End lifecycle Management
  • Automate multi-cloud services management and delivery
  • Monitor usage, performance, and costs across multi-cloud environments
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  • Create, manage, and deliver your own cloud services, along with third-party cloud offerings
  • Improve efficiency in building, orchestrating, and deploying composite services
  • Automate compliance by enforcing security and access-control policies
  • Allow self-service fulfillment for users, enabling departmental charge-backs for external and internal services
  • Integrate with internal IT assets and processes
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Simplify DevOps

  • DevOps framework to support Single and Hybrid orchestration
  • Capability to cater to any or all kinds of resources across multiple public cloud providers
  • Standard resource library to launch cloud resources
  • Capability to cater to any or all kinds of resources across multiple public cloud providers
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  • Real-time IaaS resource dashboard
  • Executive Dashboards/ cost trends
  • Cost analytics by departments/projects/products etc.
  • Tag analytics Dashboard
  • EA dashboard to analyze cost based on departments, accounts and subscriptions
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  • Enterprise-wide licensing and departmental chargeback capabilities
  • Financial governance by metering & chargebacks
  • Automate billing, metering & chargebacks for cloud stacks & application services

Self Service IT

  • Self service portal with centralize & department wise catalog
  • On demand provisioning of Stack Templates and XaaS services

Enterprise Packages

Accelerate Your Organization's Cloud Services Journey With Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform Appliances

Cloud Analytics

Get a real-time granular view into your multi-cloud cost across the enterprise to streamline and optimize costs.

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Cloud Control

Integrates disparate cloud environments and allows IT to control cloud resources with built-in automation, orchestration, policy enforcement and management tools for public clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & IBM Cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

IT can manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, VMWare vSphere and OpenStack.

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